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  1. Is there a way (or is there a way) to set Spriter to not make a keyframe for Every bone in the object every time you position one bone? It makes animating an individual bone set ( ie front leg) and working in passes or adding secondary animation after the fact all but impossible (or at least exercises in frustration). And it would be really great to be able to just select and adjust/move/delete keyframes for selected bones in a keyframe. Perhaps an expanded timeline view like this would be possible?
  2. Hey Trixt0r, Did you mean to commit your fatman SCML file and the references to it's animations to the desktop test? (in fact the test only works if you change the scml file loaded from data/monster/ to data/fatman/fatman.scml :-/ Other than that it seems to work pretty swell :) I did have parts of the character just vanish after a while until there's only a floating head mucking about :lol:
  3. Hey Trixtor that's awesome! I was actually looking at adding exactly those two pieces of functionality! I don't suppose you've modified the libgdx loader to be able to pull resources from a textureAtlas instead of from separate files? If not I'll try and see if I can mangle my way through it.
  4. Wow Discobeard! That's fast progress. Would love to see how you get it going in libGDX.. My current project has, alas, left Slick behind. :-/
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