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Spriter 2 version 0.7.3 release


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The latest release of Spriter Pro 2 includes a change to the way radial menus are handled, based on your feedback. This should make it more intuitive to use and allowed us to put tooltips on all radial menu items. Check out the changelog for more details:


Change Log


  • Added tool tip text for all radial menu items

Changes and Enhancements

  • Changed radial menus so you can either right-click, hold, and release on an icon or left-click on an icon to activate it. Icons no longer automatically activate when you hover them (except if you are holding the right-button and hover an icon that opens a submenu. A dark-grey ring is now used to mark icons that open sub-menus)
  • Undo/Redo buttons in the application menu no longer close the menu when activated, to allow multiple undos and redos using this menu






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@Dexter Le Blanc  @KeithG27  

If you purchased Spriter Pro or the Spriter 2 pre-order here on our store, then you should see a special forum section called "Spriter 2 Private Alpha". Go there and read the first post "Spriter 2 Feature Preview" down to the bottom. This will explain and give you the link to download the Spriter 2 alpha build. 

If you purchased Spriter elsewhere like Steam, email mail@brashmonkey.com with proof of your purchase and I'll reply to your email explaining how to access the Alpha build via whichever marketplace you purchased from.

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