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  1. Hello, yes I would also like to download the latest test build, if available.
  2. Yes Jonybir, I unfortunately agree. I feel like the wait has been way too long. I've been looking for alternate programs to fit what I need and they are all too costly for me. I've purchased the original Spriter when it was on Kickstarter for only $25, I believe 2013. I figure why not and see what happens. I've used it for a number of years and I love the workflow and the ease of use. The problem is that I have been waiting for mesh deformation for years with Spriter and I feel like I will never see that happen at this point. I believe the Spriter team is working hardas they can, which no one is questioning, but it seems like there's no direction with this considering how many years it's been since the initially release. I do not mean to sound inconsiderate or mean but it just seems like Spriter 2 is still in its infant state at this point. I've seen a numerous amount of alternatives to Spriter but I feel like Spriter does things so much better and less complex is to why I'm so aggravated with the wait. Hopefully, 2021 is the year Spriter 2 launches. Fingers-crossed!
  3. Hello, I've been working on a project for a little over 3 months and encountered a few problems. One, my animation does not convert properly when I use the Spriter2Unity tool. For some reason, the conversion process works properly but the animation cuts out prematurely, when I run it in Unity. The second problem I have is when I convert a .scml file that has multiple animations, the S2U produces an error..."Parentless nodes" or something along those line. My question is, how can I ensure that my entire animations is converted properly when I use the S2U tool? If anyone know how to use the S2U tool with a multi-animated .scml, please tell me how, it would be much appreciated. Overall, the S2U tool is the best solution for me and I see the potential, beyond its alpha form, keep it up. Thanks in advance. *S2U - (Spriter2Unity)
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