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Collision Detection?

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Hello. I was going to support Spriter on the kickstarter page, however I had a question. Does it support collision frame currently? I didn't see the option in the beta. I am working on a game and need to be able to specify collision boxes for my animation. How is collision currently handled, if it all. And is there a PRO version when you support the kick starter that has such a feature? Thanks.

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Hi Bloodyaugust,

Eventually many cool game play related features will be appearing in Spriter, including, but not limited to collision rectangles, invisible sprites for use as pixel perfect collision detection, and non collision related stuff like "action points", sound effect triggers etc.

First though, we have to finish all the core animation features and get Spriter rock-solid on all 3 platforms. We're going as fast as we can and hope to deliver a fully featured Spriter 1.0 around the end of December. However, this new cross platform Spriter shouldbe quite useable to begin animating long before then.


Mike at BrashMonkey

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