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  1. Yes, progress has been made. It won't be on GitHub for a while, but is on Sourceforge. However, I'm not ready to release it just yet.
  2. Yes to both. Next time, just check the dates of the most recent posts.
  3. This feature will make me a happy sumo.
  4. @Synjie: I'm a programmer. I'm blown away by the quality of your art. Color me interested... greysonrichey(at)gmail(dot)com, I look forward to hearing from you!
  5. I'm working on a JavaScript implementation of Spriter concurrently with the engine for JS I am doing. Expect a v1.0 by end of next month.
  6. That's an excellent idea! I second this request.
  7. Thanks so much! Very helpful, and quick response. Looking forward to using the full 1.0, I already love it! :mrgreen:
  8. This looks awesome! Can we have some more details as to how you are accomplishing this?
  9. I'm confused as to what my $25 contribution gives me. The email I got states "...starting with the original version immediately available for download, which comes with the free Construct Classic plug-in for easily loading your Spriter character into Construct based directx games". Is that the free beta that is available for anyone, or is there a link to a special download I missed somewhere?
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