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Animated treant 2d character

Robert Brooks

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Hey everyone I really should post here more often! I've been making hundreds of characters for my game asset site www.gamedeveloperstudio.com all thanks to Spriter! I'm always in such a rush to get onto creating the next character  or game asset design that I never really stop to share my work here. If you've seen my site you'll know I absolutely love Spriter I've been using it for over five years now and it's really helped in creating such cool character animations. I'm really looking forward to using spriter 2! 

 Here's my latest work for the site, it's a forest demon character, If you're creating games and would like to use this character you can find him on my site. 

Thanks for reading. 



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I like the design, especially that stone on it's mossy back. My favorite animations were the jump, because it kinda shows how the heavy beast struggles to stay in the air and the slam for its sense of weight and power.

Nice to see some others posting their works, these forums have been so inactive since last year (maybe before that, but I put my works here last February). Seems everyone's waiting for Spriter 2.

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Thanks Mike and thanks Dragonseal!  Sorry for the slow reply I don't think I received  a notification for this thread. I shall check my notification settings now! @dragonseal, I guess the forums are slow beacuase everybody is anticipating the release of Spriter 2, "Nudge , Nudge @Mike" I shall try to keep posting more work on here too. I never know if I'm posting too much. I don't want to flood the forum , I'm using Spriter to make characters day and night!!



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