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Found 15 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm curious who has made an Andriod game with C2 or C3 and Spriter Pro. Also, if so, how did you export the game?
  2. soo the project, will start again, we create a new story and a new monsters and enemies. Judgement project, is a metroidvania game, with combat system like the dark souls series.you control a character who try to protect the humanity against the control of the powers of the dark and holy forces.Generic details about the game:1- 2d platformer.2- pixelart.3- combat like dark souls and salt and sanctuary.4- multiple maps versions.5- rpg elements.6- metroidvania. 6/10/2017 exploration video, inferno version of the map, with the new updates https://youtu.be/mh-ZjPC
  3. hi, I'm working on a shooter game in construct 2 and I have some problem with character map that I don't understand how it works. as you can see on the screen, when I click on the ennemy , I want them their faces explode by changing the character map which will change the head of the ennemy that'I ve clicked on. but here is the problem, construct 2 change the head of all instance that has been created when I click over one instance of EnnemyFamilly. how can a fix that? thank you
  4. Hi guys, I'm trying to export a project from construct 2 by using nw.js. but their is a problem that I found is that when I launch the nw.js application that has been created after exporting, nothing is launched. so I've delete every scml from my project and i've exported again and that works. this problem with spriter plugin it's only apears after exporting. Because on the preview on construct2, I can launch my project on chrome, firefox, nw.js preview, etc... that works. I'have the last version of the plugin that has been released on december.
  5. Hello and thanks for looking Ive exported my Spriter animations to Construct2 via scml/scon. While there's a built-in animation for pointing a gun while walking how would I go about having the gun "kickback" when triggered? Do I animate the arm/gun separately from the body or is there some kind of "trigger" mechanic thatll allow the arm to animate independently of the walk animation? I hope this makes sense Thanks again.
  6. Hi I´m new to spriter pro but I´m enjoying it very much, it sure is a time saver, but today I tried to resize my project size using the Save as resize tool, it does it´s job very well but when I put my scml file on Construct 2 nothing is shown, the images pieces appears normally, but the object where the animations should show is blank. The weird part for me is that the same file, but not resized works perfectly. I did the same process except the resize part, any help and suggestions? Thanks
  7. Hi everyone i'm fairly new to spriter and also to construct i'm making some small browser based games in construct and i want to use spriter as my animation engine till now i've been successful with my work but now i have a concern. in my latest game i have to use up to 20 or even 30 characters and all almost in the same time in pc it works flawlessly because characters aren't very complex or big but i want to make sure it works good on not so new mobile phones so the question is should i be worried about memory and lagging in my project or no it works good
  8. Slow object initialization Spriter on Construct2 Hello, At what point do I put the initialization file Spriter in events, because my game is complex I both global events and events related to a particular layout. My concern is that sometimes my main character is not initialized and sprites is on the ground. Should I initialize the object Spriter only when it is in the layout or can I do it before. In the initialization is done but sometimes late, then that's fine. This is probably related to the speed of the machine that executes the game. Thank you. To test the g
  9. Hi! EDIT: IT worked all of the sudden when I was showing one of my friends this issue. If you are having the same problem just keep trying. Sorry about the trouble. I followed the turorials and tried to make one animation of mine be played in construct just fine. But I need to add customization to character so I configured the character map. It worked in Spriter but when I import my animation to construct 2 the images from the charmaps are not imported with it and if I try to change the charmap it doesn't make a difference. So I tried to find out if I did something wrong in Spri
  10. Since construct 2, when the sword of the character is in the scabbard, I want her to be disabled collisions. But this is impossible because collisions are always enabled. Do you know why and how to disable collisions? I tried everything and nothing works.
  11. Construct2: Different collision box for jumping, stopping and hit the enemy When my character jumps, I would like the platform behavior collisions take into account the actual position of the feet. As can be seen in the animation, the collision zone (purple colored) corresponds to the position of walking. I want to match any time zone taken into account by the platform behavior when landing with the area of the feet and the body itself. The brown zone corresponding to the sprite collision itself and not in the collision zone. I tried to place a different animation when jumping and then a d
  12. I would change the position of an animation, to put it a little lower on the Y axis Is it possible to change the position of all the sprites on all timelines simultaneously. Thank you in advance.
  13. Hi I just got Construct2 and Spriter Pro and reading around Construct2 they say keep projects to under 100mb although now I am not sure if that is total file size or total memory usage. I understand that using the scml/scon file is more economical than exporting whole frames or sprite sheets for animation and that in itself will be better for memory usage. What I am wondering is when the game is exported where are the image files from the spriter animation? Do the images in the scml/scon file get decompressed the way they say the sprite objects in Construct2 do so that download size is much
  14. Hi, May someone here is using the spriter animations in Construct 2 for mobile app? Is there specific problem or known issues in Spriter's animations in Samsung devices? I'm developing a mobile game for kids. I test my game on Nexus 4, 5, and 9 devices, on HTC and on Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Note 3. On the Nexuses and n the HTC my game runs well, but on the Samsung devices my game stuck - I see the loader about 3 minutes and then I get the background of the first layout with clouds (not moving) and that's all. My spriter's object are created in the first layout. I export my projec
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