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  1. Hi! EDIT: IT worked all of the sudden when I was showing one of my friends this issue. If you are having the same problem just keep trying. Sorry about the trouble. I followed the turorials and tried to make one animation of mine be played in construct just fine. But I need to add customization to character so I configured the character map. It worked in Spriter but when I import my animation to construct 2 the images from the charmaps are not imported with it and if I try to change the charmap it doesn't make a difference. So I tried to find out if I did something wrong in Spriter. But then I downloaded the file from the charmap tutorial ( ) here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/61721248/CharMapTutorial.zip And it didn't work. So I tried downloading the last version of the plugin. It didn't work either. I created a new empty construct 2 project and it still didn't import with the character maps. I don't know what else to do, does anyone have this problem? Is there something extra I must configure to make it work? The only thing not working is the character map, the rest is perfect. Thanks!
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