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  1. that's not impossible, but we can't promise it because the feature and data formats are so different. We're definitely considering it and weighing how possible it is though.
  2. Sorry, Spriter was more based on traditional frame by frame animation creation and a limitation if this approach is as you experienced, easing only happens from one key to another. Spriter 2 will allow separate easing for any attributes of any objects and across frames.
  3. 1 is the way Spriter is intended to work. Spriter 2 will allow for separate easing curves for different attributes of the same or different objects. 2 This is a minor bug, batch exporting only exports frames, not sound, so the sound is being triggered as Spriter makes it's way through the animation to export frames becasue sound was not considered when making the export feature. 3 I've never seen this issue before. Hopefully if it happens again you'll be able to figure out the cause and way to avoid it. Spriter is not being actively developed becasue Edgar is working hard to get Spriter 2 (which will be a free upgrade) up and usable as quickly as possible.
  4. I guess I misunderstood your original question, and I think I still do, are you trying to make animations in a different program and convert the animation to Spriter format after the fact? I guess referencing the open source spriter run-times will help you understand the data format, and you can post the resulting spriter file that is broken and someone might be able to tell you what is wrong with the conversion.
  5. The file formats are completely different between Sprite and Spriter 2, and so are almost every aspect of the way images are manipulated and displayed. It's not impossible that we will make an importer or converter, but definitely don't count on that happening for sure. There will be lots of tutorials for using Spriter 2, but it's too soon for that because even the core features are not fully implemented yet, and character maps will come after that. It's impossible to say how soon and which Alchemist features will appear. We plan for all of them to eventually become available, but since the Kickstarter did not meat its goal it will take longer than it would have. Please keep an eye out for our update posts and update builds for Spriter 2 roughly every two weeks .
  6. Yes, Spriter was designed to animate one character at a time, especially for games. You'd need to script multiple characters interacting, environments etc in the game engine for best results. Spriter 2 will likely end up much more capable and flexible for animating entire scenes.
  7. how is this related to Spriter? This seems like a Phaser question.
  8. Sorry, he's trying to wrap up the new Spriter 2 alpha build (which got delayed... he's hoping to release it today) and updating the Construct 3 plugin will be his first task once it's out.
  9. Absolutely, Unity will always be among the fastest updated and supported directly by us for Spriter 2. Yes, Spine has first party support for many engines and has mesh deforming features, these are two major issues Soriter 2 will address. Thanks very much for the support and thoughtful post.
  10. Please keep an eye out for the update notes and new builds every 2 weeks. The next few builds should get the three core features (bones, 'pins', and 'strokes') in and working together, and things should pick up momentum from then on. Our goal is to get all the core features in and working nicely as quickly as possible. Estimates are dangerous and nearly always wrong. The best way to assess progress is to keep an eye on the update build releases.
  11. All Spriter Pro owners have access to the Spriter 2 alpha builds which are now updated on a roughly 2 week schedule. We're really sorry for all the long delays to this point and are developing it as fast as we can while simultaneously making sure we don't rush any aspect of it's data format or code base in a way that would cripple it's development in the future. There should be an update any moment now with information on what's currently being worked on and a new build shortly after that. We're doing our best to provide frequent update builds and progress reports as we work towards getting all the core features fully functionally and tied in with each other and the required UI as soon as we can. We have big plans for features and expansions well beyond the release of version 1.0, which is a big part of why it took us so long to get to this point (making sure the core code and data format are future-proof and will easily support the more advanced features we plan down the line.)
  12. I have a suspicion it's a NW.js issue and it's becasue your png images are pure black and white. Try replacing them with full 24 bit pngs with color data and see if they then appear correctly in the NW.JS exported version.
  13. Unfortunately there's no such thing as avoiding problems an any OS, especially Linux as there are so many variations that people continue to use. Also, [please keep in mind even the Mac represents a tiny percent of our user base or purchases, but requires equal time for customer support and bug fixes, Linux is even more so that case. The only possible way for a small business to support Linux is to support only the most commonly supported Linux distro.. in our case, we would only target support for the same exact distro of Linux which Steam requires, since our products are also on Steam. The Windows version of any product which exists across many platforms is typically going to be the best supported, becasue it produces the most revenue to keep the developers alive and it gets the most through testing from the multitude higher number of users so the best bug-reporting.
  14. R9 is the most recent build for Mac.
  15. If you purchase Spriter on Steam you will automatically get the Steam version of Spriter 2 as a free upgrade as soon as it becomes available.
  16. Construct 2 and 3 don't have built-in ragdoll functionality. Maybe you could use Spriter's overide feature combined with Constructs physics behavior, as in this case: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVsKv3cAC_4 Please post your English translations. I thought your post was spam. Fortunately, I checked through Google translator. Конструкт 2 и 3 не имеют встроенной функциональности ragdoll. Возможно, вы могли бы использовать функцию перерисовки Spriter's в сочетании с поведением физики Constructs, как в этом случае: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVsKv3cAC_4 Пожалуйста, разместите ваши переводы на английский язык. Я думал, что ваш пост был спамом. К счастью, я проверил через гугл переводчик.
  17. Sorry about the delayed reply. Edgar has it on the top of his to do list and will work on the issue as soon as he can. We'll report back here when there's a new build to try which will hopefully resolve the issue for you. Thanks for your patience.
  18. Did you post in the right forum? Does this have anything to do with Spriter?
  19. Don't worry, that is a self-updating executable. It will download the latest code into itself automatically.
  20. There is no rag doll feature in Spriter, you have to hand animate everything by posing key frames and it will tween between them.
  21. Both Edgar and I just re-tested the system, You did enter the password correctly but now you must go back up to the drop down list just above this message and now the Spriter 2 alpha is selectable. Choose this and Steam will replace Spriter pro with the Spriter 2 alpha. The next few update alpha builds won't be usable for actual projects, as we are introducing each core feature and then incorporating it with the previous feature. A lot has been done for all core features under the hood and individually, but it will be a while until it can all be brought together and tied in with the UI necessary to access all the features properly. New Alpha builds are now released roughly every two weeks, so you should see tangible progress on a regular and frequent basis. Thanks as always very much for your support and patience and we do apologize for the large delays on the way to Spriter 2.
  22. You must log into the website version of Steam first, with your Steam account which owns Spriter Pro, then the link should work.
  23. If the target platform is PC it's highly unlikely there will be a performance issue, unless you have a huge number of these Spriter objects or other elements to your game eating a lot of processing power. It's worth a try to switch over and see.
  24. Can't you check if the sprite is mirrored and mirrored it's replacement sprite via the same event? You should be able to unless you are using the draw self mode and are not using the spriter object in the mode that uses Construct sprites for each body part. You should theoretically be able to copy all of it's transforms (height, width, angle, opacity, and whether or not it's mirrored)
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