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    joemid reacted to Odolwa Aztec in Event Trigger Issue in SpriterGM *Solved*   
    OK, back again.  I have since discovered that every time a change is made in Spriter, I have to save the file and then delete and replace the earlier version of that same folder over in Game Maker before it registers.  They neglected to show this in the video, so it wasn't entirely clear. 
    I assume if I were using Spriter in Unity, saving there wouldn't require doing this?  I don't know.  In any case, it's a bit of a hassle to have to keep moving back and forth, especially when the animations contain a lot a parts.
    I've read about how you guys have approached the Game Maker devs to better integrate the software and how they instead decided to focus on GM2.  It's a shame, as I've liked what I've seen with Spriter so far (I'm not going to stop using it, btw), so I hope you can maybe make progress with them on this at some point.
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    joemid reacted to Mike at BrashMonkey in Event Trigger Issue in SpriterGM *Solved*   
    I'm glad you figured out the problem. Sorry I just spotted this thread now. I think the only way to entice the developers of GMS to better support Spriter is to make Spriter as popular as possible, with the most useful content and features. We've got several nice new art packs coming early 2018, and some other plans brewing. Wish us luck.
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    joemid got a reaction from lucid in Spriter R10 Bug Thread   
    Works for me!  Thanks!

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    joemid reacted to bwwd in Contest Winners!!! Final Results are in!   
    Congrats to everyone ! 
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    joemid reacted to lucid in Contest Winners!!! Final Results are in!   
    Hi everyone, we're pleased to announce the judges have all responded, and the winners have been selected.
    First off, we'd like to thank the judges for their participation and great feedback.  We'll list all of their feedback at the bottom of this post.
    And without further ado, here are the final winners (*point system explained below):    
    Grand Prize ($1000) : Necro Soup    (20 points)
    2nd Prize ($400) : Cartoon Bear and Baby  (15 points)
    3rd Prize ($300) : Lord William GreasyWheel  (12 points)
    4th Prize ($200) : Giant Slime   (8 points)
    5th Prize ($100) : Dungeon Boss  (7 points)
    Honorable mentions go to: Goth Giant (6 points), Angry oger wanna be awesome (6 points), and Underbite (1 point)
    Prize winners, please send email mike@brashmonkey and give him your Paypal email address so he prizes can be sent.
    We'll be a making a nicely presented announcement of the winners on social media in the next week or so.  We had originally planned to announce the winners this way, but since there was a delay in judging we didn't want to leave the contestants hanging any longer.
    *Each judges decisions were weighed in the following way:
    1 point for 5th choice
    2 points for 4th choice
    4 points for 3rd choice
    7 points for 2nd choice
    11 points for 1st choice
    Here are the judges' decisions and feedback:

     Nick Wozniak - Pixel Artmancer for Yacht Club Games/Shovel Knight.
     Nathan Lovato - professional game designer - author of GDquest


    Louice Adler - Concept Artist - Graphic Designer - Tripwire Interactive
    Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you everyone for participating!
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    joemid reacted to Miu3 in Spriter Awesome Boss Contest Submission Thread   
    Well my video is ready in case more entries will be accepted for the contest :3 I was aiming for a more platformer type of boss
    Spriter Awesome Boss Contest: Angry oger wanna be awesome 
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    joemid reacted to tokegameart in Spriter Awesome Boss Contest Submission Thread   
    Here is my new entry.
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    joemid reacted to Leadmen Studio in Spriter Awesome Boss Contest Submission Thread   
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    joemid reacted to ffman22 in Spriter Awesome Boss Contest Submission Thread   
    here is the update of my entry fallen hero.

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    joemid reacted to Kent2D in Spriter Awesome Boss Contest Submission Thread   
    Here's my entry for the contest! :> 
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    joemid reacted to saga55555 in Spriter Awesome Boss Contest Submission Thread   
    Here my Entry (Giant Slime Boss)
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    joemid reacted to DustyCat Media in Spriter Awesome Boss Contest Submission Thread   
    Hi guys! This is my entry:
    This is the first time i've used Spriter, ever. The total work time for the graphics and animations is around 6 hours. The monster design was originally intended for the team's upcoming game Caos Trigger: Golem; but the kickstarter for it never got funded so i still went ahead and created the monster anyway.
    Best of luck to all the contestants!
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    joemid reacted to Reginald Yacht in Spriter Awesome Boss Contest Submission Thread   
    Here is a re-submission of the Argent Knight, with some improvements, fixes, and updates.
    There were a few issues with the original animations, so thank you for extending the deadline! Good luck to all contestants!
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    joemid reacted to WilliamSilva in Spriter Awesome Boss Contest Submission Thread   
    Here's our team entry: Nuvem's Left Hand, Ashoova's Right Hand.
    A boss for an experimental game, hope you guys can see it when it is done XD
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    joemid reacted to Robin Sommer in Spriter Awesome Boss Contest Submission Thread   
    Just in time!  This is my entry for the Awesome Boss Contest!
    In my timezone midnight has passed some hours ago, but thankfully the deadline was set in another timezone..  
    Can't wait for the results and congrats to all in advance, good stuff all around! 
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    joemid got a reaction from Mike at BrashMonkey in Dino for LD36   
    Probably heartbroken, this one... www.ludumdare.com

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    joemid got a reaction from madbim in Spriter Awesome Boss Contest! $1000 Grand Prize! Official Rules   
    I've been a supporter of Spriter since Kickstarter.  
    I was excited for the contest; sad to see it crash and burn- happy to see it rise from the ashes, maybe-
    I entered to support the program.  
    Will do...

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    joemid reacted to lucid in Spriter Awesome Boss Contest! $1000 Grand Prize! Official Rules   
    First off, this could have all been avoided had we heeded the community's warnings against Like-based voting, specifically relating to how easy it is to manipulate and abuse the system.  We hope we can all agree that getting the contest back on track to a system where the art can be judged based solely on its merits is ideal for everyone.  We've actually lined up some fantastic artists and animators who are willing to judge the contest and are not privy to this current mess of a situation.  
    When the situation was first brought to our attention for a specific user, when we went to verify, we ended up seeing another user's submission on the site.  Had we waited another five minutes, or logged in five minutes earlier, it's likely we wouldn't have seen the second video, or maybe we would have seen a third.  As has been covered in the thread already, it's possible for anyone to submit any video to KingdomLikes, and without turning this community into a crime scene investigation, it would be impossible to figure out who is abusing the system and how.  I'm sure KingdomLikes is not the only way to unfairly generate additional likes.  For this reason, we think it would be unfair to disqualify any specific participant(s) when we can't prove wrongdoing, and we would potentially be benefitting another abuser of the system who simply wasn't caught. 
    The best solution is to switch to a system that can't be abused and where any potential current or previous abuse is irrelevant.  
    Here is what we propose:
    The contest will be judged by three judges with game industry and animation experience. So far, we have two awesome judges lined up - Nick Wozniak (Artist on Shovel Knight (http://store.steampowered.com/app/250760/)), and Nathan Lavato (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gdquest/game-art-quest-make-professional-2d-art-with-krita/description).   We're currently working on a third.   Edit:  We have our third judge: Louice Adler, concept and graphic artist at Tripwire Interactive (creators of Killing Floor) In order to give an opportunity for anyone who stayed out of the contest due to the original YouTube-based judging to make an entry and participate, we'd like to extend the window of submission until the original judging date of August 31st (6 days from now).  This is also an opportunity for anyone who's already submitted to further tweak or improve your current entries if you'd like.  The judging should take place within a few days after that. Anyone who makes any attempt to privately communicate with any of the judges before the judging takes place will be automatically disqualified regardless of the content of their communication. Also, since we're trying to fix past oversights with the rules, we'd like to take this opportunity to clarify some things that weren't made explicit in the previously posted rules.
    Any sound effects in the submitted video should originate from the Spriter animation (sound effects should play back with the animation in Spriter) You may have background music as long as either you (or your team) created it or you have the rights to use it. Judging will be based only on visuals (and use of sound effects, if applicable) but not on background music. No post production video effects other than simple fades from one animation to another.  Please avoid any effects that might be mistaken for part of the animation created in Spriter. Don't worry if you have doubts about your already submitted entry breaking one of these clarified rules - all current entries will be allowed as they are. All original rules aside from judging, prizes, and the clarifications made in this post still apply (see original post in this thread for reference) As a thank you for agreeing to the rule change, we'll also increase the total prize pool to allow two additional prize winners, and a slight increase to second and third prize:
    The Grand Prize of $1,000.00 USD Second place Prize of $400.00 USD Third Place Prize of $300.00 USD Fourth Place Prize of $200.00 USD Fifth Place Prize of $100.00 USD We can only enact these rule changes if all the current entrants agree to it.   To make this as simple and painless as possible, if you agree to this rule change please like this post (using the like button on the bottom right of the post ().  Once we have every participant in agreement, we can make the changes official.
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