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  1. Oh ok, this makes much more sense, thanks for the information!
  2. Hi there, so i noticed when changing/editing a Sprite inside an animation, that you can change the Sprite's Alpha. Why is it that you cant change the whole Color of a Sprite, or in other words give the Sprite a custom Tint. If this is something the team has looked into, or has already decided on not supporting, I would like to hear your thoughts on this idea, Thank you!
  3. So i just recently got some of the Art Packs, and Spriter Pro, when i exported the SCON of the BasicPlatformerPack's Platformer character, i noticed that inside the Mainline Key's there Ref's all have parent ID's that reference an Object in the Object Info data. So i have two questions. Why dont Ref's store the Parent as a Timeline ID like the Timeline is stored inside the Ref? I noticed if you set the custom save option to export out Sprites in the Object Info data, then the Parent ID inside the Ref's no longer points to the correct Object Info ID, but instead would usually point you to another Sprite instead of a Bone, is this intended?
  4. Hey Mike, thanks for the reply! I dont see any PM on my account at this moment, if you could try and resend it, I would appreciate it.
  5. Unreal Engine Forums Post: https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?111083-Spriter-For-UE4&p=532045#post532045 For all relevant information pertaining to this plugin/implementation please refer to the Unreal Engine Forums Post. I hope to see more people using Spriter with Unreal Engine 4
  6. Hey there i had a few questions about the SCML file. Element: Obj_info Example: I also have a few questions specificly about the Spriter Data API for Unity. The SpriterMainlineKey has a List but what about Bones? Are Transient objects still a thing, or is the Spriter Data API for Unity just out-dated? Thanks alot!
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