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  1. ;D Because there are lots of badly animated stuff, simply because they don't follow those simple principles: http://vimeo.com/93206523 :D
  2. Bump :p I know it's silly of me but I wasn't feeling like creating a new thread, when one already existed. Basically what is the currently planning, timeline with some estimation? Have you thought of using a bug/task tracking tool like Jira (https://www.atlassian.com/en/software/jira) or similar ? It could be made public and people can publish the bugs there. It's also helpful to track your feature development, giving them different priorities. etc. :) Any official implementations in engines as well? like for unity2D (although i know that someone made one a few month back) ?
  3. Hey :) It would be reaaaally nice, if spriter could remember its own layout(position/size of the different windows), or the possibility to save/load different ones (that's even cooler, like that you can exchange them with other people :p). As I work with several monitors, i like to emphasize my viewport and move the side windows on my other screens :p. Which works fine, until I have to close spriter for whatever reasons. Thanks. It's not a major feature, but it's like quite useful ! And sorry didn't read the 32pages to check if this was already mentionned.
  4. We all have a life :p :) Thanks for that ! Can't wait !
  5. Hey :) I read the previous stuff from several months ago :p how are those features coming along ? as the pivot point things has already been mention, I won't rewrite about it :p So how about adding - Collision with Circles, should be easy to implement, just a center + radius. With the other export format: - JSON would be nice as well. :) ;) I can't wait for proper data export. Tweening is definetely a must ! (also noticed 2 tiny bugs - with registration panel: i've to enter my serial everytime I start the program - I have a sprite folder containing a lot of small png's (roughly 600) for a
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