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  1. Hey Spriter community, Navigate Andy through the dangerous land of giant candies! Along your way eat as many rainbow bites as you can to see how high you can rank in the leaderboard! Its Nom Nom good! Animation of Andy was done in spriter Candy Andy in the Line o Candy is out in google playstore, currently in the review process for apple store. Try it out! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.digiskygames.candyandy
  2. thanks guys, couldnt find the PM button so i'll just post here, the engine used is called Corona, its a simple 2d engine
  3. Hey Spriter community, Dairy Air is out and about and up in space and best of all its FREE! Navigate your cow activating your thrusters up and down through those little green aliens in their spaceships trying to beam you up through their tractor beams! Its udderly fantastic having a cow in space! Its quite a challenge but fun at the same time. There are 3 powerups to help you on your way, shrink, slowmo, and zap. How far can you get in Dairy Air, check out the leaderboard to see if you can make it to the top??? Try it out today! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.digiskygames.dairyair2 The game was made using Spriter for the cow and alien animations! Take a min and give a review on the playstore and shout out to Spriter for the game so we know your from here! :P Thanks for the support!
  4. Hey Spriter community, Little Valkyrie from Digi Sky Games free android mobile phone game has been launched. :P https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... levalkyrie Spriter was used to create all the animations done in the game. Little Valkyrie is a FREE Match-3 Puzzle Gameplay with lots of RPG fun! Play as a powerful Valkyrie on a quest to rid your homeland of monsters! Unlike some of the popular match 3 games, this one has full animating characters not just a single image that stretches when it gets hit or attacks. Animating effects in the backgrounds and so forth. thanks again to the spriter program for making all of this doable. We hope you enjoy the game and get as much fun out of it as we had making Little Valkyrie. You can check out our home here and also if you havnt already, check out Bouncing Pets which was done in spriter as well. http://digiskygames.com/
  5. Hey Spriter community, Bouncing Pets from Digi Sky Games first free android mobile phone game has been launched. :P https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.digiskygames.bouncingpets Spriter was used to create pretty much all the animations done in the game. From the animations of the pets in the title screen and in the game levels. Some of the background elements that animate were done in Spriter as well along with some of the effects. The good thing about using Spriter instead of just a sprite sheet is that you get the nice fluid animations especially when it comes to the characters. One of the best products I bought and will be using Spriter for the future games to come! Bouncing Pets is a modern take on the classic DOS game Bouncing Babies. Slide your trampoline left and right across the screen to bounce the pets to safety! There is a variety of Powerups to help you on your journey to save them all… catch them all….err we’ll go with Bouncing Pets gotta save them all. Save all the animals!!! As the pets shower you with praise and coins, grab those coins to upgrade your Powerups. Finish the level and let the sky open up with confetti and music to display just how grateful those pets are to you. We hope you enjoy the game and get as much fun out of it as we had making Bouncing Pets. Thank you Spriter for making my life easier to animate all the stuff in the game. And here is our bunker where we hide out during the day to escape that dreadful, scary, bright yellow thing in the sky that’s always trying to steal our ideas. :roll: http://digiskygames.com/app/bouncingpets/
  6. I searched through the forum and didnt see this one. Is there a way to parent a object/image to another object/image without using bones?
  7. ::Updated image files do not update unless you ReOpen your file:: When u already have a file in your folder and Spriter is using it in your current/open file. If you update your file and save it (say in photoshop). Spriter doesnt recognize the update/change until you ReOpen your file, then the image you updated is updated in Spriter. It would be nice if there was a Refresh/Update button in your File Palette, or able to right click a img in there and click Update or something I could be wrong and there is a way to do this already but I havnt seen it yet. If not, its kind of painfull to reopen your file each time you do an adjustment to one of your images your currently using in the file Thanks
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