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  1. You mean why they are are in horizontal position? That's because Spriter's scaling functions doesn't work well unless they are in that position. You can see here: http://www.brashmonkey.com/spriter_manu ... tarted.htm how mike's pieces are also rotated in that direction. I'm not sure if this limitation is still around, I will have to test.
  2. So much new stuff in a single update. Awesome. I guess you are getting pretty close to 1.0, only a handful of features left to implement and the functionality of the program increased quite a lot in this update. Can't wait to get my hands on it, and can't believe I got all this for $25, almost feel like stealing.
  3. A simple one today, your usual get stomped on and die guy. Spriter file: http://www.sendspace.com/file/xbkcte
  4. I work at 4x the size of the pieces in the spriter file, then I plan on reducing the spriter png outputs to 25% (like the ones posted). The size you use really depends on what you want to do, I personally will just render to png because I'm not a good enough programmer to implement real time playback in gamemaker; if you on the other hand will implement playback on your engine then you should find the optimal resolution your game will have and work from there, work everything at least 2x the size before bringing into spriter.
  5. @Wiimoto Vanillaware characters are not animated by simple deformation. Their animation is made by drawing their images into 3D planes and deforming that, but it's not even limited to that, they sometimes use complete 3D models for certain parts of their characters, it's not possible to reach the amount of rotation they do sometimes with mere deformations. Remember their their newer games are made with the Cryengine. The problem with deformations is that probably it would be a hell to implement real time playback in most 2D game engines, I know that at least it would be a pain in the ass to do so in gamemaker (go look at how few sprite deformation actions GM has). And yes, they have mentioned the addition of deformation several times in the past, the general answer they have given is that it will be looked at when all the features of 1.0 are completed.
  6. Being able to flag keyframes. I commented on this before so let me expand on it a little. Look at this animation: This is what the timeline for that animation looks like: Most of those keyframes only have information for her antennae, and it slowed me down a lot having to go look at what keyframes had what when making adjustments. This is the idea I have that I think could make things a lot clearer for people like me who use lots of keys: By being able to flag keys I could quickly know where to go to make adjustments to certain elements of the animations. It doesn't have to be colors, it could be different key shapes, for example a circle, a star, a square, etc... And further than that, there could be an option so I can tell spriter between which symbols to cycle to when using the 1 and 2 keys. For example: when I was animating and polishing the antennae, it would have been pretty useful to be able to cycle between only the keys that had any information for the antennae.
  7. Another character, another file. The animations look much better with more frames, here they are running at 12 fps. There are a couple more animations in the file that I didn't place here. I really like how some animations came out, while others not so much. I need to get better at making movement blurs. The antennae movement was a nice challenge at first but later I got the hang of it. Download here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/oioh1t
  8. This is beyond my knowledge. I do know they have never mentioned such a thing. I think this is something that's up to you or your team to figure out how to do, it should be possible to do by modifying the sclm a bit to point to a web server instead of a folder, but as I said, it's beyond my knowledge.
  9. All the time? Like every 15 minutes? Because if not then I see no reason to not just redownload the spriter file (they are 200 kb tops). I have never ever played an online game that doesn't have to patch when new stuff is added.
  10. Jesus God and all the Saints please NO. It's great the way it's now, the only thing missing is a way to change z-order in all frames and being able to pick several images and change the z-order of them at once.
  11. That is what character maps are for. It's a pro feature.
  12. You can always create a new character from scratch, that is even more awesome.
  13. Post the file and I will look at it. It sounds like you are placing keys all over the place. Make sure you use the "1" and "2" keys on the keyboard to cycle between keyframes, if you don't you can accidentally create separate keys that are very close to one another and won't show at all in the timeline, this results in jerky motion.
  14. The timing is wrong, it's much slower than it's supposed to be, it looks better with the right timing I swear. After giving spine a good look I'm back. This time I'm playing spriter to it's strengths, while I like quite a bit more the animations I posted earlier making them take a very awkward process and are very time consuming. And since I'm trying to make a game by myself I decided to tone down the animation and use a strictly modular style. Also, since I intend to sell these assets when they are finished, I'm trying to keep the image switching to a minimum and the keyframes clean so anybody can edit them and make new characters using the animations, the previous ones where pretty much untouchable after finished. Here http://www.sendspace.com/file/4gs0tj is the spriter file for anyone curious, it's sad the only spriter example file is one from before bones where even implemented (Mike is probably hunched in a cave holding on to the art packs mumbling "my precious"). There are quite a few animations in there: running, walking, idle, various attacks, etc... I only previewed one because turning them into gifs is boring and time consuming (and the timing is wrong, .gif export Edgar). Any feedback is welcome. The images need clean up and I'm missing a few animations.
  15. If you really need to start a project at this moment and have to chose a software Spine is the way to go, it kicks spriter's ass so hard in the implementation department it's not even funny. I heard that Edgar had some health issues that set spriter's development back quite a bit, in the meantime Spine developed quite a few features that are still on spriter's coming soon list (easing curves, texture packer, events). I choose spriter over spine mainly because of ease of use, and I gave spine a good look over the last month. I already had to deal with Toon Boom Harmony's brutal interface and I don't want to deal with any more convoluted interfaces for a while. Spriter's interface, while worse looking, it's far more intuitive and faster to work on than spine's (spine's "ghosting" onion skinning is just ugh wtf). My only complain about spriter's interface is that if you forget an important hotkey you are pretty much fucked and will have to go check the help. Also I plan on selling the assets I create for my games, and on this ground spriter is better than spine; someone can buy the assets and use the spriter free version to edit/render them, while on spine a buyer would either have to use the animations as is by implementing the .json or have to cough up $100 to buy the software to be able to edit or render them.
  16. I just mailed them about a similar issue I had with deleted images staying there, but my issue made spriter freeze. :P
  17. Look at this thread: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=12487 I haven't tested it so I don't know if it works.
  18. I sent the project file to mail@brashmonkey.com. Spriter will constantly default the pivots of ALL images to 0,0, hence effectively ruining all animations. Not all pivots are reset every time, sometimes it's just a few, other times it's them all, it seems random. I'm going to revert to b3 and see if the defaulting still happens. EDIT: The error is present in b3, and now I think that it's related to saving. Reason: -Work on an animation a bit -check pivots (everything normal) -save (regular save) -check pivots (everything defaulted to 0) -reopen the same file I just saved, all pivots still have their original (good) coordinates I have a tendency from saving every few actions, I learned that back in the day of photoshop 6 and it's tendency to crash, so I think what I have been doing is save the file, the pivots get defaulted to 0 but spriter doesn't make this apparent inmediately, work a bit more and save again and thus saving all pivots that where defaulted to 0,0. EDIT EDIT: I'm fairly certain saving is the cause of the bug, I can consistently reproduce it, and happens almost every time I save this file. There is no specific actions I have to make, I can just open the file, save it, and the pivots will default to 0,0. EDIT EDIT EDIT:It's the "save project as..." option that makes all pivots default to 0,0. Both save and save new version work well.
  19. If you activated once when you install a newer free version it will activate again to pro without you needing to reinsert the serial.
  20. Thanks for this, glad to hear you managed to reproduce and solve the save bug. This release matchs up perfectly with a free week I have to work on my game. Also, Firefox labeled brashmonkey.com as an attacker site, at least when I hit the download for windows link. Reported Attack Page! This web page at www.brashmonkeygames.com has been reported as an attack page and has been blocked based on your security preferences. Attack pages try to install programs that steal private information, use your computer to attack others, or damage your system.Some attack pages intentionally distribute harmful software, but many are compromised without the knowledge or permission of their owners.
  21. Chop the timeline, all the loop button does is tell spriter to interpolate the last frame with the first frame.
  22. What Mike said, if every chain link is a huge image filled with nothing it will hit performance big time. As I said, it may be a bunch of empty space to you, but in the image the transparency gets saved to an alpha map, witch is the size of the whole canvas, always.
  23. There's still no working plugins for unity or game maker, which are arguably the most popular tools around. If you really want the plugin made you will either have to make it yourself or ask someone at the gamedevelop forums to look into it, remember brashmonkey is 2 guys and spriter already missed the 1.0 date by several months.
  24. 89 layers? Now I really want to know what you are doing that merits having so much stuff. Also, "hollowing" stuff would obviously have no effect as all the information is still there, since the holllows are actually just more information in the alpha channel.
  25. This is a list of games that use animation style similar of what Spriter is capable of (or that I think could be replicated using Spriter) that I know of (or remember). If you know others please do mention them, also I only mention the platform I'm sure they came out for. Alien Soldier (Genesis) Contra 3 (SNES) Contra Hard Corps (Genesis) Contra 4 (NDS) Thor (NDS) Gunstar Heroes (Genesis) Gunstar Super Heroes (GBA) Princess Crown (Saturn, PSP) Grim Grimoire (PS2) Muramasa: The Demon Blade (Wii) Grand Knights History (PSP) Don't Starve (PC) Capsized (PC) Apotheon (unreleased) Shank (PC) Serious Sam Double D (PC) Dofus and Wakfu (PC) http://www.wakfu.com/en/mmorpg/communit ... tion-wakfu Castle Crashers (PC) Aquaria (PC) Reus (PC) Kumatanchi (NDS)
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