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  1. Hi, I'm trying to simulate a small rain storm. Right now I'm just trying to get 2 raindrops to stat6 falling at diffent times. I have a image called big rain drop and small raindrop. my idear was to have 4 keyframes that would key frame 1-start big rain drop animtion key frame 2-start small rain drop animtion key frame 3 stop big rain drop animtion key frame 4 stop small rain drop animtion so i want the big rain drop to tween between keyframes 1 and 3 and have the small rain drop tween between frames 2 and 4. No matter what I did it would not work. I also tried to add the small rain drop to frme 2, then drag and drop from the object pallett, but it would not drah the object the curser turn to a circle with a line through it whjen I dragged it over the screen. It seems like all the tweens share the same time line, is what II'm trying to do possable on your software???
  2. Hi, Thank you for your answere. I thought i did do paste to all key frames. But it works now,
  3. Hi, I have a animtion with 2 key frames, (1 and 2). When I ad new objects after I added the second key frame, they will not tween from frame 1 to 2, but only from frame 2,1. This is what I do 1. add a new image 2. copy it 3. paste it to all keyframes 4. chnage the postion of the object on key frame 2. 5. the object tweens between 2 and 1, but not from 1 to 2. HOW CAN I GET IT SO IT TWEEN TO THE NEW POSTION FROM FRAME 1 TO 2???? -Ted
  4. Hi, I am animation dinsores using the bones. Everything works fine if I add all the parts before I add a key frame. If I have 2 or more keyframes and I try to add another image attach to a bone, it does not work. This is what I’m doing (the time line is 1000 units whide and has 2 keyframes) 1. add a graphic image(of a dinasore leg) and a bone ontop of it. Add the image to the bode. 2. Copy leg image and bone, then do a paset tp all key frames 3. Run it, fine but no animation. 4. Rotate the bone on the first frame 5. Runs fine 6. Ok I need the leg’s end rotion on the second frame to be a little higher. Rotate the bone on the 2 2nd frame down a little 7. Now the animation is jerkey. It rotaes the leg to the old postion right before it hits frame 2. When it gets to frame 2 the animation jumps down to the new rotaion I have it. It will not animate fram frame 1 to 2 using the value I put in.
  5. Hi, when I have my project export to ping, and select trim rect to animation, mt animation has a border around it and I have to crop each image. Isthere a way to crop it to the animation??? seems like this option does not work or am I doing something g wrong?????
  6. Hi, Thnk you for answri ng my quastion. Ihave a mac pro, and nothing happend when I press the del key, although the menue del works.
  7. Hi, I was able to add key frames, bur could not figure out how to remove them, also is there a way to insert or remove frames between keyframes??
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