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  1. Hi, any plan when the C2 plugin will have all features ready? best regards Martin
  2. Hi, thanks for that summary. Indeed some great features in the works there. My question was for a roadmap or timeline until 1.0. Right now its a bit hard to predict or plan projects with Spriter as the time to reach 1.0 is completely unknown. Will it take 2 weeks? A month? 3 months? A year? Original plan was December 2012, right? Sorry to press on this issue...but if your tool wasn't so awesome I wouldn't bother ;) best wishes Martin
  3. Holy Cow! Are you this Isaac Burns: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Budcat_Creations It would sure explain ... :)
  4. Thanks! It works perfectly now. The force flows strong within you, master. Are you a pro game developer? I saw that yesterday it created a spine file, which would load in Spine. As I use Spriter its no issue for me, but maybe for Spine-users it could be interesting to re-activate it?
  5. Whoa! You gotta be kidding me O__o You are f.... fast with this kind of stuff ("frickin" that is ;) Who in the world are you? This seemed to have taken you 1-2 hours at the max. Ok, I am impressed :) This version does produce a complete and correct skeleton in the .scml file. However, it does not generate the object folder with the images any more (which worked before today's changes). The test folder contains a test.scml and a test-skeleton.json file. No objects folder and no spine file. I guess its some simple thing you forgot somewhere in the code. I work with Photoshop CC on Mac OSX Mountain Lion. The committed files in the test folder indicate that on your test it did seem to have worked.
  6. Awesome work, dude! I've posted an Issue to Github at https://github.com/flyover/psd2scml/issues/1 Making the angles and lengths of the bones correct would make this even more awesome.
  7. Hi, for this awesome tool, is there currently any roadmap so it becomes a bit more predictible when the 1.0, Art Packs, and other stuff will be available? All the best Martin
  8. Hey, just tried in in Photoshop CC and it works perfectly! Great work, thanks. A question: Any chance that the resulting bones are not all horizontally aligned but point to the next bone in the hierarchy, so we get a real skeleton? I guess in the script it would mean a 2-pass approach going through the whole tree prior to the generation and building up the hierarchy in memory. Then an arbitrary bone could check if it had children and set its direction to the anchor of the child. This would make it even more killer... All the best Martin
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