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  1. Hi Folks, This week's new free tracks are: On my Events/Travel 2 page: "Trekkin' on Foot" (Looping) https://soundimage.org/events-travel-2/ On my Funny/Quirky/Weird page: "Inept '70s Crooks" (Looping) https://soundimage.org/funnyquirky/ On my Quiet/ Peaceful / Mellow page: "Cruising Back in Time" (Looping) "Valley Sunrise" (Looping) https://soundimage.org/quiet-peaceful-mellow/ And on my Nature / Science 3 page: "Crossing the Tundra_v001" (Looping) https://soundimage.org/nature-science-3/ I hope everyone's having a good week.
  2. Happy Halloween! Let the spooky celebration begin with: "Quiet Tension" (Looping) "Too Quiet" (Looping) "Time Running Out" (Looping) on my Dark/Ominous page. https://soundimage.org/dark-ominous/ And... "Bells of Weirdness" (Looping) "Surreal Place" (Looping) on my Horror / Surreal page. https://soundimage.org/horrorsurreal/ Enjoy...and don't eat too much candy!
  3. Greetings, This week's brand new free tracks are: On my City/Urban page: "A Walk Through the City" (Looping) "Inner City" (Looping) https://soundimage.org/city-urban/ On my Dark/Ominous page, two pieces that I think sound pretty intense: "Arrival" (Looping) "Secret Tunnels" (Looping) https://soundimage.org/dark-ominous/ And on my World (and Aerial) pages: "A Thousand Exotic Places" (Looping) "Ancient Waters" (Looping) https://soundimage.org/world/ https://soundimage.org/aerial-drone/ With Halloween coming up, I think I'll try to concen
  4. Hi everyone, We're half way through October...and half way to Halloween...so we have: On my Funny/Quirky/Weird page: "Ghoulish Fun" (Looping) - Good for Halloween or a Halloween themed piece. https://soundimage.org/funnyquirky/ Here's a piece in the spirit of a bad '70s cop show. It makes me itchy for some reason: "Side Burn Squad" (Looping) https://soundimage.org/funnyquirky/ Two new tracks are ready on my Fantasy page: "Our Mountain v003" (Looping) - An expanded version of the original that might work in an RPG under opening titles or perhap
  5. Hi all, Is anyone interested in super high quality Ogg or WAV versions of my tracks? I've been considering making them available for a small donation. Any feedback is welcome. In the meantime, here are this week's new free tracks: On my Nature/Science page: "Sunrise" (Looping) https://soundimage.org/naturescience/ On my Positive/Upbeat page: "Happy Endings" (Looping) https://soundimage.org/positive-upbeat/ On my Quiet/Peaceful/Mellow page: "Ice Road Sunrise" (Looping) https://soundimage.org/quiet-peaceful-mellow/ Two tracks on my Sci-Fi/Spac
  6. Happy October! Continuing my mission to provide looping versions of every track on my site, here are this week's new free tracks: On my Drama page: "PULLING AWAY" (Looping) - Perhaps from a small-town bus station on a dreary day, leaving someone behind. https://soundimage.org/drama/ On my Fantasy page: "GENTLE CLOSURE" – (Looping) - Little ending piece. Might work in a game or animation. https://soundimage.org/fantasywonder/ On my Funny/Quirky/Weird page: "SNEAKY CAT" (Looping) - A single bassoon conveys a quiet humor. https://soundimage.org/funnyquirky
  7. I haven't said this in a while, so I'd like to send out a heartfelt thank you to the kind folks who have shown support and donated to my efforts. Not only are your donations helping to pay for the site, but they are also helping to pay for a new synthesizer that will enable me to explore and create music for you in lots of new styles...(at least for me)...like: Rock Pop / Retro Pop R&B Country Jazz Latin Classical Folk Holiday and lots more. One of the most gratifying things for me is when people write and tell me that one of my tracks inspired them to create a
  8. Continuing my quest to provide looping versions of every track on my site, On my Aerial/Drone page, we have: "OVER HAUNTED LANDS" – (Looping) and "A THOUSAND EXOTIC PLACES" (Looping) https://soundimage.org/aerial-drone/ On my Fantasy 6 page: "THEIR SECRET WORLD" (Looping) https://soundimage.org/fantasy-6/ And on my Fantasy 7 page: "FOREST DRAMA" (Looping) "SAD LANDS" (Looping) "FAR AWAY PLACES CALL" (Looping) https://soundimage.org/fantasy-7/ If anyone needs some custom music created special, I'm doing that as well at very low cost. You can find inf
  9. Greetings Everyone, One of my goals this fall is to be able to offer looping versions of every music track on my site. That said, here are this week's new free ones: On my Aerial/Drone page, we have: "STRATOSPHERE" – (Looping) https://soundimage.org/aerial-drone/ Here are two new tracks on my Drama 2 page that might be helpful in films and interactive fiction: "BITTER SWEET GOODBYE" (Looping) "ONE NIGHT" (Looping) https://soundimage.org/drama-2/ On my Funny 5 page: "THE PLASTERED PELICAN BAR AND GRILLE (Looping) - I'd love to hear this one in a game...
  10. Kicking off September, more new free tracks are ready for your projects, including several new looping versions that will hopefully be helpful: On my Action 3 page, we have: WILD WEST COAST RACING 7 – (Looping) – For a nighttime stretch under the Pacific moonlight. CHASING VILLAINS – (New Looping Version) - The Inspector is at it again! https://soundimage.org/action-3/ On my Fantasy page: CITY BENEATH THE WAVES – (New Looping Version) - Out of the murky blue, it emerges…unlike anything ever seen before. Might work in a fantasy piece, a game, or even a nature doc.
  11. Hi Everyone, This week's new free tracks are a lot of fun. We have: "THE ARCADE SPACEMAN" – (Looping) – In the year 20 billion! …Okay, maybe 1982. …Anyhow, this might be fun in a space game or app. It lives on my Chiptunes 2 page: https://soundimage.org/chiptunes-2/ "OVER THE POLAR MOUNTAIN" – (Looping) – The child dreams of the tiny train, under icy moonlight, making its way across the great polar North. It struggles up the enormous mountain, finally reaches the top and then chugs down the other side. "OF DREAMS AND GAMES" – (Looping) – Might sound nice under the intro
  12. You're very welcome! Hi Everyone, Here are this week's new free tracks: "The Monster Factory" "The Monster Factory" (Looping) on my Funny 5 page: https://soundimage.org/funny-5/ "Rivers of Jewels" (Looping) "Puzzle Caves" (Looping) on my Puzzle Music 3 page: https://soundimage.org/puzzle-music-3/ "Peaceful Mind" (Looping) on my Quiet 2 page: https://soundimage.org/quiet-2/ "The Lab at the Bottom of the Sea" (Looping) "It Walks the Ocean Floor" (Looping) "Endless Cyber Runner" (Looping) on my Sci-Fi 7 page: https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-7/ If
  13. Happy Wednesday Everyone, I've added a couple of new pages to my site to (hopefully) make some of my tracks a bit easier to find. They are: AERIAL / DRONE (1 & 2) https://soundimage.org/aerial-drone/ WORLD https://soundimage.org/world/ That said, here are this week's new free tracks: "Techno Caper" (looping version) on my Action page: https://soundimage.org/action/ "Technoscape_v001" (standard and looping) on my Corporate page: https://soundimage.org/corporate/ "The Secret Lab" on my Dark/Ominous 2 page: https://soundimage.org/dark-ominous-2/ "Pal
  14. Hi Everyone, This week's brand new free tracks are: "A Thousand Exotic Places" on my Events/Travel 2 page: https://soundimage.org/events-travel-2/ "4.2 Light Years" (Looping) "Lost and Faltering" on my Sci-Fi 7 page: https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-7/ If you guys need some custom tracks created, I'm doing those as well at very low cost. Most people are pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is. Just let me know!
  15. Happy August Everyone, To start off the new month, we have: "Desert Heist" (Looping) on my Action 3 page: https://soundimage.org/action-3/ "Horror Game Intro" (Looping) on my Horror/Surreal page https://soundimage.org/horrorsurreal/ "Crossing the Tundra" on my Nature/Science 3 page: https://soundimage.org/nature-science-3/ "Cyberpunk Arcade" (Looping) on my Puzzle Music 3 page: https://soundimage.org/puzzle-music-3/ "The Memory Factory" (Looping) on my Sci-Fi 7 page: https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-7/ If anyone happens to need some custom tracks creat
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