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  1. Interface is looking good, but here are a few things I noticed in the first 10 minutes of messing around: 1. When the project folder has subfolders, the interface defaults to the object palette instead of the file palette, which may confuse people. It almost had me thinking subfolders were not supported. lol 2. Clicking the timeline does not actually display the current frame number. I have to drag the bar to update that number. 3. Old SCML files do not seem to load at all, and there are no visible feedback messages. It should at least pop-up a "Current version does not load projects" message. 4. Loading a new SCML file that you just saved will crash the application every single time regardless of what you saved. I tried saving just 1 frame with 1 object, then 2 objects, then 2 frames with 2 objects, nothing loaded, crashed every time. Some good things, though: 1. Delete key actually works on the timeline now. I can finally delete frames again! I was unable to do so in later alpha versions. 2. Background color options are superb. I love customizing and tinkering with settings. You should add some options for that grid line 3. Most of the old features remain unchanged and very familiar to me. Change is good, but I like that it's not completely alien. Some other personal requests: 1. Middle-click the canvas area to pan the view. I hate dragging scroll bars. Granted not many people will need this feature, and I probably won't, neither. 2. Right-click the canvas for grid and snap options. At least put then in the file bar options somewhere. I would like, for example, to turn off the center line. Good work so far. I hope the application continues to progress and eventually rivals Spine as a stable and feature-rich, object-oriented animation tool.
  2. Tap


    I actually prefer Spriter's interface for the most part. Of course, we have to wait and see how the bone tools work in Spriter. I think Spriter's API is much better (because Spine's API is almost non-existent), which is why I probably will not use Spine. I like Spine's price point, and I want it to be successful, but I do not want it bad enough to throw money at it right now, because I already invested in Spriter. Basically, if Spine showed up sooner than Spriter, I probably would have taken to it, but I am happy with Spriter so far.
  3. The only feature I can think of right now that would be super cool is a Blender plug-in that lets you make the animations using Blender's interface. I imagine that would never happen, though. XD
  4. Nice project. If Spriter was feature-complete, I would jump at this opportunity. It sounds fun, and the full-time money-making sounds nice, too! XD
  5. Spriter is a development tool that stands to gain very little from Steam sales. If it appealed to a broader audience, maybe as a Flash alternative for full length cartoon production, it would stand to attract a larger crowd, but Spriter is not meant for that purpose. Also, Steam's software category is fairly new and not a lot of utilities are making their way through Greenlight. Most of what's popular are 3D modeling apps (Silo) and game development suites (Game Maker, Construct, RPG Maker). Casual users of those tools will not be as interested in Spriter as we are. They buy tools like Game Maker on Steam because they are new to game development and think it would make a good hobby... or just want Steam to give them all their apps in one place. :lol:
  6. When trying to delete a frame of animation, I press the delete key after clicking on the frame, and the application crashes to the Windows 7 "This application has stopped working..." dialog. Animation used for testing was the example monster file.
  7. Nice explanation of the interface. I already figured it out on my own, but thanks for sharing, anyway! :lol: :twisted: :( What?
  8. One thing I would like to do is replace a piece of a sprite (a weapon for example) with another sprite piece. Each image could be a different size, too. Is that possible using this format? I used to do similar things in the Flash IDE by placing each image on its own keyframe in a movieclip.
  9. If there aren't image ids, that is a feature I would request.
  10. Or you could just add code in your game to swap a certain image id with a specific image based on criteria. Just a thought. I have not had time yet to delve into the data files. Are there even image ids?
  11. I think the GUI needs work, too. It seems a little like it is meant to be temporary just to get the important features working. I think it works just fine for now, though.
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