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  1. Hey there, i'm an indie game developer and owner of the 'Topia Online' project (www.topiaonline.com). I am seeking someone that is comfortable with Spriter and also capable of doing some simple pixel art. Here is what the job entails: - You will receive 'pixel animated' characters. Your job is to tear them into components and then create Spriter animation frames out of their parts. You will need to adjust the bodyparts to move smoothly without looking bad. Basically you are going to be converting animated pixel art characters into 'Spriter-enhanced' assets. - Being able to 'freehand' animate is a big plus as well. However, our other artist can provide plenty of animations that you can use as examples to trace. Your main goal is to match the animations of our pixel artist. - Any additional art skills are a plus, there is a lot of need for various art assets. Compensation is negotiable, and this can be a full time position. It is a contract position and you will be paid for each piece of completed work through PayPal or direct bank transfer. I can pay as often as you like. Please send your rates and examples of your work to support@topiaonline.com. We are a legitimate company, and therefore you will be required to sign an I9 and contracting agreement. Hope to hear from you soon!
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