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  1. crazysam

    What's left to do

    Thanks for the update lucid, I'm looking forward to public release. The missing features you mentioned are important, but these are the ones that I consider "crucial": cut/copy/paste of keys and objects ik/bone right click controls persistent object widget Not that the others aren't important, but there are the ones I would prioritize.
  2. crazysam

    What's left to do

    It's been a few days, any news?
  3. crazysam

    What's left to do

    Dear eien, Development for Spriter is currently ongoing at a moderate pace due to the fact that humans are not robots yet. Please be patient with us while the team at Brashmonkey polish up the editor to a stable and bug free shine! Adieu, Fellow Impatient Developer...
  4. crazysam

    What's left to do

    To be completely honest with you... I've been waiting for a way to do paper doll 2D animation without having to write my own tools for a long time. To me it's a matter of what is most convenient and more well supported. Spine's editor is more complete, it looks polished and very usable. But they only support Corona and don't have a publicly available file specification yet. I have an interest in sticking with Spriter, I already bought a copy of the software, and there are available Actionscript APIs that implement the file specification (I work with Haxe, so I need to do some porting anyways, but this is a significant plus). The way I see it, Brashmonkey has 16 days to put out a big resounding reason why I should stick with Spriter. Otherwise I'll back the Spine Kickstarter before it ends, and postpone deciding which tool to stick with for my current project until they both mature a little.
  5. crazysam

    What's left to do

    You ever think about doing twitch.tv streaming of the time you work on Spriter? That way we could be introduced to new features and nice fixes while you fix them. Can use some of that material for potential advertisement on youtube at some point. Looking forward to an updated build. Integrating paper doll animation system is crucial for my current project, but low on my priority list ATM (need to add packed texture loading first).
  6. crazysam


    Check out Spine on Kickstarter. The editor seems to be further along than Spriter, although there is still no API to integrate animations into a game, or file format specification. Time to kick it into high gear Spriter devs, the war for the best mobile animation toolset has begun :-P
  7. Thanks for your response Mike, having a list of "in-progress" features that gets updated regularly would go a long way to ease the internet addicts (me) that come check the forums every few days to see if anything new is up. It might also give people a subjective estimate as to when the next version might be out, without you guys having to commit to a hard date and then deal with the fallout if something comes up that delays your progress. I think everyone here has no doubts about your ability to deliver, but every time I get to play with a new build I feel like a little kid again thinking of all the possibilities I can do with it. Thanks for all your great work, looking forward to checking out the new UI and improvements!
  8. These guys need to focus on finishing version 1.0 before thinking about expanding the team and marketing the hell out of the program. They got quite a good chunk of money from Kickstarter and no doubt a good bit more from sales on this website (my money included). The program isn't even in a Beta state, it doesn't make sense to put effort into anything other than finishing the features they set to deliver.
  9. Great job, thank you so much for this! The documentation in particular is quite excellent!
  10. Hey slopps, I was very sad when I noticed the first iteration of the Spriter AS3 plugin was a commission job and it wasn't being maintained with each release of Spriter. I'm very glad to see someone take up the mantle and contribute back to the community. Thanks for the update, I really appreciate it!
  11. Please sir! I'm interested in using spriter animations in a HaxeFlixel game. Having a stable and feature complete AS3 implementation of Spriter would save me a boatload of time. Thanks very much, I eagerly await the completion of this project!
  12. I'm sad to see the Actionscript plugin no longer being maintained.
  13. This is good, but I think having an in-app bug reporter is much more useful. Especially because you can intercept unhandled exceptions and query the user what they were doing that caused the exception. I've seen this done in the open source project Git Extensions and I was very impressed (pleased). Consider this approach, it might require a bit of effort upfront, but having all your users report bugs and crashes could be a great asset to speed up development (not to mention you could get call stacks with each report). Great job so far guys, cheers!
  14. Any word with regards to bone animation implementation?
  15. This is a very significant release, the program seems much more stable now. Looking forward to seeing some videos about the bone system. Quite interested in how this works under the hood. As always, much appreciated!
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