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    Version 1.0.1


    This is the reduced content Essentials version of the Basic Platformer Complete Game Engine. This Essentials version is free for all Spriter Pro owners. It requires Spriter Pro and a personal license or greater of Construct 2 or a subscription to Construct 3. You can play the review of this Essentials version here: https://brashmonkey.com/essentialsplatdemo

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    Even if maybe Spriter 2 might finally let us save the UI/Workspace, could Brashmonkey just quickly include this in Spriter Pro in a quick update or add-on? Spriter crashes frequently enough (especially when it comes to certain cases of copying and pasting bones with images attached) and the workspace is such a big deal, with all the setting ticks and window sizes and locations I have to re-set up each time I open a file. It sounds like such an easy feature to include/program in. At the very least, be sure to include this in Spriter 2. However... It may be a year or more before Spriter 2 is even fully compatible with Construct 2, (assuming it ever will be, as opposed to forcing those who want to use it to use Construct 3 instead) regarding the Spriter SCML Plugin, the import process, full functionality after export, and so on. So I strongly suggest a Spriter Pro update or add-on that allows us this simple yet effective improvement that Spriter's been lacking for years. If you actually used Spriter for intensive scene work, you would realize the need for workspace-saving, so that crashes aren't the misfortune they always are.
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    I imported the scml file foe each animation in the game. so the separate sprites are saved as families. opening and closing/saving does not change the outcome. I am going to replace the scml files with new sprites and do it the old school way of using separate sprites files for animations.
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    Sorry for the delay. Edgar is currently tied up with work on Spriter 2 until we can release the next bit of update info for it. We'll be setting up a C3 subscription shortly for testing and development once Edgar's hands aren't so full. Hopefully it won't be too much longer. Thanks as always for your patience and support.
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    please email me (Mike) at mike@brashmonkey.com and we'll see if we can work something out. Thanks.
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    @radel1996 https://www.construct.net/en/construct-2/addons/177/spriter/9-16-2019-392 This should fix it. Thanks for reporting the bug.
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    HELP - Rendering sprites misplaced

    Awesome. Glad you got it working.
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    Hi Mike,thanks for the feedback! I have folders organized as: - head - torso - arms - legs - lower_legs But each of these sub folders have dozens of body parts, with arms approximating 50 sprites! This makes switching sprites a real tedious task as i have to scroll to one side of the screen to be able to reach with the mouse the sprites far off on the opposite side. The lack of alternative way to changesprites makes it so that i have to do it that way. Keyboard shortcuts to circle through the list going left or right would be a real life changer ! Thanks Tom.
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    Copyright Question

    Hi guys! I´ve got an uncommon question based on the copyright of sprite parts. (sorry for the bad english - i`m from germany ) I worked with Spriter Pro some time now and I think its a powerful software to animate anything you can imagine. Since Spriter uses parts of a body (for example Head, upper arm , torso etc.) there are unlimited combinations of meshing the characters together. The more sprite parts you have, the greater are your possibilitys. The question is: When I take those parts from other games, mix them together and create a whole new character with it - Can I use this in my own game without beeing accused for breaking the copyright? As an example i´ve attached a file showing different sprite parts from other games. Has anyone made experience with sprite parts from other games? Thank you in advance + greetings
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    Hi all! I'd like to share my game asset library gamedeveloperstudio.com. It's a huge library of game assets all in one style so you can mix and match assets from across site and still maintain a sense of artistic continuity within your game project. If you've already got knowledge of Spriter you'll be glad to know that all my animated characters are created using this sofware and I supply all my assets with the working SCML file so you can tweak the characters to your hearts delight. You can see all my work on the site check it out gamedeveloperstudio.com
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    This is it so far, I'll make more videos when I can. Collision rectangles are normal construct sprites once imported into Construct 2 or 3... look for them in the family folder of the Spriter project you imported... you can do overlap or collision checks for them just like any other standard Construct sprites.
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    Never mind - I've discovered that holding down the Windows key (or whatever the equivalent on your keyboard - I really should get around to getting an Arch or a Tux key) before holding down Alt-Left Click overrides the window manager behaviour and allows me to create bones in Spriter. I would imagine it also works in other apps that use this shortcut.
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    This game will let to you to feel in ancient fantastic Russia. But you should not think that here everything is fine. You are waited by a set of adventures and difficult decisions. Depending on your choice, will depend as you finish that game, the Kind hero or darkness will get into your heart. It is a little about a game. Game is the 2D narration in style of ancient Russia. In it you should make the choice: - Life at the hero only one and from it should be chosen more carefully. After the death of the hero you begin a game from the very beginning. - How do you arrive, will help or will pass by?! But it is worth remembering, possibly it is a trap. - A game pokhodovy and each course is set off as one lived day. - The main subject line will pass in big cities and their vicinities. - Movement between the cities is carried out on means - to Open the world map - to Press the city, available to movement. - The way looks so. Let's say the road takes 3 days, at this distance (between the cities) 10-15 options of succession of events are prepared and these 3 options (day) drop out randomly (a cube throw). Facebook VK
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    Gimp is not a program specializing in pixel art and indexed color modes, so when it saves its rearanging the palette and likely removing unused colors etc to make the resulting PNG smaller. You might be able to find a setting in Gimp's options to have it "not reduce color depth" of PNG images while saving, but if not, you'll need to use a program specializing in editing pixel art, like Pro Motion NG etc.
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    It's not simply enough to get the images back into indexed color mode... it must have the color indexes in the same exact order as the unedited originals for the palette changing features to work properly with it.
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    If I understand you properly, yes, you'd have to update the portrait manually too. They are separate hand drawn images. The program has no idea if and how you modified one and can not artistically interpret your changes and translate that to the large portrait chest images. just find the folder with the chest images and edit that to match your new design.
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    For me the 'sloppy" approach is fastest, because I approach the creation of the art as a very organic process where I start fast and lose, and change and improve everything as I go... so I get the majority of design and decision-making work done as 1 layer, then I break it into body parts by freehand selecting and copying and pasting and copying and deleting, and then finally clean up each body part, using a group with as many layers as I'd like per body part.
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    I'm sorry I somehow never saw this thread until now. Be sure to mention what OS you're using Spriter on when you have an issue. for a second I thought maybe you accidentally clicked the "hide bones" check-box, but I think you're talking about the actual transform gizmos that appear when you choose any sprite to manipulate. I've actually never seen this bug or heard anyone else ever report this, so please do get back to us with more info if it ever happens again. again, sorry for not seeing this for so long.
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    Godot is free open-source game engine. It's in active development with 17-thousand stars. Why is there no Spriter addon for Godot :( ? Juan (lead dev of Godot) is working on Sprite deformation tool in Godot 3.1 alpha, perhaps Spriter can use this to enhance the possible future Spriter Addon for Godot?
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    John Te

    Spriter Pro Questions

    Hi, I just bought spriter pro. I'm planning to use it to make cartoon animation. Could anyone provide tips and tricks especially on complicated scenes that would usually require frame by frame animation?
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    Hi Ashley and team... back and still fond of Spriter, but indeed as well my plugin for C3 from spriter is not working any longer if i use the latest revision, i was not expecting this so soon, it is kind of frutrating... could you please update the plugin before spriter 2 comes up so we can continue to work with spriter? or do we have no chance to have this plugin updated any soon. Have a good day.
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    Hi every one, do i understand right if i say that the plugin works now only for what I could call "global animation" and there is no way to make it work with intependant sprite in C3?. In other word if you refer to the brashmonkey video "Importing Spriter animations into Construct 2", method 2... it does not work? Well, I could not make it work anyway. And I find it essential when building games where the collision box position have to be identified on the animation. Is there anything into the pipe for that? (i may have missed some subject into forum, maybe there are answers somewhere) Thank you for help and answer eventually. have a good day.
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    The problem is that your character is not setup correctly for use with bones. You can try to rotate your character body image +90 (or -90) degrees in your image editing program (so it looks like it is lying on its side), then go back to spriter, adjust the rotation and it should scale properly.
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    Mike at BrashMonkey

    Pixel art for Spriter2?

    Spriter 2 will definitely be able to be a powerful tool in a pixel artists arsenal, but we can't get into specific feature details yet.
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    Don't worry at all. We're thrilled that you're excited about it and incredibly humbled by and appreciative of the incredible patience and support the Spriter community have shown us. We promise we're doing everything we possibly can to make Spriter 2 special ,and worth the very....very...long wait. There will be an update with more info soon.
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    scon vs scml ???

    Thanks for the explanation Mike. Which format should I be using if I am going to work on both Windows and Mac? The project was old. I'll have to check the date, but I just needed to export individual sprites to import into C3 since I'm having issues with the plugin. The problem was that the animation was different in the scon from the scml. I must have edited one of the files and not the other. If I have to use the two file types, is it possible to have the files sync with each other?
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    Mike at BrashMonkey

    scon vs scml ???

    scml is actually XML Scon is Json How old was the project? It could have been so old that Spriter updated its data format since then (I think that was several years ago) Regarding Spriter on Mac, I assume that's because we didn't bother "registering" Spriter with Apple so it's not granted such niceties as programs that jump through the hoops to register with Apple. But that's just a guess. Hopefully you can drag an scml or scon onto the Spriter icon and that will work.
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    Will Monteiro

    Bones appearing on Sprites

    Hi, I'm afraid I just found a little bug, while exporting an animation, my mouse was on a bone and accidentally it appeared in some frames of my animation.
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    Mike at BrashMonkey

    Bones appearing on Sprites

    Thanks for reporting this. What OS are you using Spriter on? Thanks.
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    @KENYONB You could also use the spritesheet method of importing: https://www.construct.net/forum/construct-3/general-discussion-7/test-spriter-c3-addon-7-2-upda-130240#forumPost918422 If you change the C2 version to the spritesheet method it may import correctly.
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    The scml file is not enough for us to troubleshoot. If you'd like, zip up the entire Spriter project (the folder with your scml and all the images it uses) and email it to mike@brashmonkey.com and I'll take a look.
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    It certainly sounds like something got somehow corrupted or mass duplicated but that's just a guess. Can you try comparing the original packs like count for data and the character map and see if it's drastically different? Which OS are you on? Are you using something like Dropbox so you have "version control" and can revert back to older versions? (this is critical for production work so you don't lose tons of time/work due to situations like this) If you'd like, you can email your Spriter project (zip up the entire folder with scml and all images etc) to mail@brashmonkey.com and we'll take a look when we get the chance.
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    Spriter R11 Bug Thread

    For some reason, PNG export isn't working in my project. I did it many times before. Now I click 'Save' and the images never get made.
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    Mike the link is dead. It needs to be updated. I can't find Visual Studio 2013 C++ runtime on the Microsoft site. The only runtime I can find is for 2017 x64 and x86. I'm running 10 x64 which one should I download?
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    Please try downloading the free non-Steam version of Spriter from here and install it and tell me if it runs for you: https://brashmonkey.com/download_spriter/
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    Spritesheet export not saving

    Hi Mike, can I ask if it's the sizing which is the issue, why several of the animations export fine, and not the specific ones I was having the issue with, given it's the same entity involved? I've resorted to sprite sheets because I'm exporting to unity, and the current exporter provided on the forums here doesn't handle different curves, so any keyframes which are one frame apart kind of blow out.
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    I know this is a year old, but is there a way we can get a update, because there really isnt any explanation on what pro features are.
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    Hi, Thnk you for answri ng my quastion. Ihave a mac pro, and nothing happend when I press the del key, although the menue del works.
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    purchase from steam

    hii i was puchasing spriter on steam so is the free update to spriter 2 are also available free via steam?
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    I know that you Spriter folks seem to care very little for your Construct user-base, to the point of damn near neglect. Even when provided with code fixes and exact line numbers, the Spriter team still refuses to fix basic bugs in the plugin, for seemingly no reason, the excuse always given is Spriter 2, which has yet to materialize in anything other than gifs and youtube previews. Can we please for once get a timely update to the Spriter SCML plugin so that it works with the latest runtime? For something that is seemingly an enormous chunk of your users, the team shows an active disdain for maintaining this plugin. I have honestly in my head given up on Spriter, and the teams lack of care for the Construct side of things, and have begun petitioning other animation suites to take over the Construct space, maybe some competition will get you guys to realize that you're taking your Construct user-base for granted.
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    When I imported my sprites using Spriter2Unity, the animations look very off when played. I see two issues here that may or may not be related to each other: 1. The Game preview has the sprites in odd z-order. 2. The dress of the character is moving unusually. In Spriter, the animation looks just fine. I am very confused as to why this is happening. Note: I am aware of the issue of "Pivot points that are assigned on the canvas. Right now if you do this, your sprite will be misaligned when imported in Unity." However, I changed all the default pivot points on the file palette.
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    scon vs scml ???

    Sure thing. Will send it right now. Thanks for the help.
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    scon vs scml ???

    The animation doesn't look correct in Spriter on Windows and when exported from Windows. Also, it is just the SCML file. The SCON looks correct on both Windows and Mac. I have tried re-saving from the SCON on Mac as SCML, then opening on Windows and it is still incorrect. Adding an additional keyframe to the little star when to the right did not fix it. It just made it rotate.
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    Mike at BrashMonkey

    scon vs scml ???

    Try loading the one that works and save it in whatever format you like. to be supe safe, save in both and consider the other a backup, but no one else has reported a file looking different after loading for years.
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    Spriter Pro and Daz3D tutorial?

    Is there any tutorials for using Daz character renders as Sprites for Spriter pro. I'm willing to pay if some can make a video tutorial.
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    @lucid thanks for the tip. I hadn't seen this post yet. Just so I'm clear, I should do this right in C3, and not in my C2 project and then try to import in C3, correct? I've already replaced the SCML files with sprites and animated using C2's default behavior. It now imports fine into C3.
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    There's a new updte for the C3 Spriter plug-in. Please see if this helps:
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    Right.. Spriter2Unity actually converts Spriter animations to Unity's own animation format during import, but the cost is it cant support/import complicated Spriter files. SpriterDotNet for Unity supports more Spriter features much better, but there is a steeper learning curve because it does not convert the animations, it keeps them as Spriter animations and lets you control them from within Unity.
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    Spriter R11 Bug Thread

    If I try to open a specific Spriter file in OSX with double clicking in Finder it will launch Spriter but won't open any Spriter files. This has been an issue for me for long time, is this common or only for me?
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    Spriter R11 Bug Thread

    When I select multiple sprites at once and drag them around the canvas (with the mouse) they move at different angles and speeds instead of all together. When moving with the keyboard it works OK. But without mouse support Spriter 11 is pretty much unusable with this issue. This problem doesn't occur in Spriter 10 and below. It's very frustrating we haven't seen Spriter 12 to resolve this as I'm stuck using Spriter 10 when I need the bug fixes that are in Spriter 11. Please provide an update on when we will see a new release that fixes this issue.
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