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Spriter Pro ignores pivot points on character maps


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Hi everyone,

Been bashing my head on this for awhile now. I am trying to create a character that swaps his bow for sword.

What a way to use a character map for a weapon I thought! Somehow I can't figure this out. In default state he has a bow. It has a pivot point set right in the middle of a sprite, where bow handle is. I make a character map and replace bow with sword. I checked so many times that sword sprite has its pivot point set to lower 1/4 of an image, where sword handle is. 

Once character map is applied - the bow sprite switches out for a sword sprite, but the character is holding a sword by the blade now. There are no keyframes other than the starting one.

Can anyone help e regain my sanity! I'm sooo ready to give up on this whole spriter thing...

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Sorry for seeing this thread late. My best guess is you were getting confused between default pivot point, which is what you need to be consistent for character maps to work, and just changing an images current pivot point in the timeline of an animation on any given key-frame, but this is just a guess.

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It's probably because you have to right-click the clear circle pivot dot and select the option that turns it red. Red is what you want. I've said before that Spriter should use red pivot dots 100% of the time. We don't need the clear dot for anything. Furthermore, editing an animation while a character map is applied will remove all the red dots you manually applied. A good trick is to have an animation that has every pivot point be a red dot, so that at any time, you can select every png, copy, go to every other animation, paste, ctrl+D.

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