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Such things are inevitable (competing products), and a good thing for consumers and game makers. The best thing we can do (which is what we are striving for) is to make sure when Spriter 2 finally is released it will be worth the wait and offer things the competition does not... IE, beyond deforming features.

Everyone who bought Spriter Pro will get it as a free upgrade so will be able to choose to use it with no extra investment. New customers will be able to decide which to purchase/use from all the competitors including Spriter Pro, which will not disappear, as it fills a niche for those who want to make games that run better on weaker platforms, make retro/pixel art games, want to use pre-rendered 3d animations and just use a modular animator to add hit-boxes, sounds, variables, and control the timing for each frame etc.

We are also very frustrated with all the delays which pushed back Spriter Pro and now Spriter 2. We'll continue to work as hard and creatively as we can to make sure it's worth the wait and a very attractive option despite all competing products once it's finally available.

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@Mike at BrashMonkey Well, since spriter 2 may not be coming this year, next year or god knows when, can you guys at least add to the current version of spriter freeform transform tool deformation?

Something that would allow us to at least skew body parts. 

Even Optix sprite studio has  it:



see here:

 eventhough optix has the same limitation as spriter- not being able to create meshes and bind a single sprite to multiple bones, it still has a more flexible sprite transformation that gives way more creative freedom.

Would that be a lower hanging fruit achievable before 2? :)

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