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    Spriter 2

    Hi! I was wondering if there are any news about Spriter 2 or mesh deformation feature! Thanks
  2. Awesome! Thanks for the update
  3. Then what's the export box size for? I created the box hoping that when I export the animations as spritesheet they will share the same box size, but didn't have any results... what's export box size for then? Nevermind I found the solution!
  4. Yeah. Any chances that Spriter 2 will make them stretch along with the angle of the bone?
  5. Hi! Is there any tutorials about effects and how to create them in spriter? Like fire, Water, Explosions, etc? Thanks!
  6. Yes I did. It doesn't work for me I've even tried with the GreyGuy doing exatly the same thing Mike in the last video and still doesn't work...
  7. Sadly it didn't work for me... I don't know why. I selected Maximum size and got the same results as before. I Guess I'll have to wait 'til next update. Do you have a release date?
  8. Thank you for the clarification. By any chance Were you able to take a look at this:
  9. But what use does the save Button have then? I mean, when you save the project doesn't it sabe all the char. Maps in the project?
  10. Hi everyone! I've been playing with character maps. It's amazing, but I have a question. How does character map save work? I have a couple of entities in the same file. They use the same assets. I created a character map for the first entity and saved the character map file. The thing is that when I try to open the file inside another entity it doesn't show me anything. It apears to try to open it, 'cause a pop up shows, but it closes before i can read it. Am I getting ir wrong? Thanks in advance.
  11. Custom path to files. When Spriter doesn't find the file it is looking for it would be awesome to manually choose where the file is located and automatically rewrite the path to the new location.
  12. Hey Mike here is what I do step by step: 1) I create the spritesheet. 2) Here is the folder where I saved it. Everything seems to be fine. 3) I use Spriter to open the smcs file. 4) Pop up with the problem. 5) Indeed, no images were found. I hope it helps.
  13. Ok... I'm trying to upload a capture but 0.032 mb is not enough. They are in the same folder. Still the same error....
  14. Hi everyone! I just wanted to know how does the new spritesheet creator work. I have my animation already done. I created the spritesheet and chose to "save spritesheeted project" but when I open the spritesheeted project I get the missing files pop up...
  15. Indeed Lucid it is fixed. You are awesome. Thanks!
  16. Dude! That looks awesome! Really usefull. Also, Masks! That wold be really usefull too.
  17. Same issue here... Can't export the spritesheets and is driving me crazy... It freezes And I don't know how to downgrade my steam versión of spriter.
  18. Hey Mike. I'll give it a try at the office on monday and tell you if that was the issue.
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