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Construct 2 export project problem with Spriter


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Hi guys, I'm trying to export a project from construct 2 by using nw.js. but their is a problem that I found is that when I launch the nw.js application that has been created after exporting, nothing is launched. 

so I've delete every scml from my project and i've exported again and that works. 

this problem with spriter plugin it's only apears after exporting. Because on the preview on construct2, I can launch my project on chrome, firefox, nw.js preview, etc... that works.

I'have the last version of the plugin that has been released on december.


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Hi frayt: I'll look into this ASAP. please reply here with the exact version/build number of each thing you're using (Spriter, construct 2) and make sure you downloaded the latest version of the Spriter plugin.

To expedite resolving this issue, you might want to zip up your Spriter project and capx and email them to lucid@brashmonkey.com explaining that the nw.js export is failing if Spriter objects are in the project.

sorry for the inconvenience.

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