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Issue with z order on mac

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Im using a Mac Book Pro. When dragging assets to the top the asset disappears, but I can see the z-order is set correctly. The asset no longer appears until I switch to another panel (90% of the time) otherwise I have to restart the app to see the order.

Steps to reproduce

Add a character ( head, torso, left bicep, right bicep, etc ) I have 14 items, so the scroll bar is visible. Head is at the bottom

Head is at the bottom

Drag head to top ( notice you can see the top so you drag at the top of the frame )

Drop the head on the first item.

Head disappears. On the Screen however you see the head has the correct z order. You cannot find the head on the z order panel. It does show on the asset window and the hierarchy window.



Can we make this simpler by left clicking to select and use your up or down arrow to adjust the z order? Also can we allow expanding the size of the z-order window. I can do that on Mac.

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Thanks for reporting this bug. It seems like a simple UI update bug.. for now, definitely use the up and down and left and right arrows with the command (control for PC users) for general z-order fixing and if the z-order palette is not updating, see if navigating to a new frame or animation and back fixes it.

-Mike at BrashMonkey

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