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  1. When my character is stand its 300x533. I want all frames to be that size in the export to png how do I set the properties so that all animations are exported at this size without any scaling
  2. I am export frames to png. The problem I have is the already existing frames ( run, walk, jump, etc.. ) have the character starting at 125,130 in the png that is 533x460 pixels. I created the character skipping and I now want to export to 20 PNG files. Using the export animation to PNG. How can I set the offset to be 125,130 so the png's are centered to match the existing frames
  3. So I see that command up arrow works fine, but the asset is completely gone on the z order menu
  4. Im using a Mac Book Pro. When dragging assets to the top the asset disappears, but I can see the z-order is set correctly. The asset no longer appears until I switch to another panel (90% of the time) otherwise I have to restart the app to see the order. Steps to reproduce Add a character ( head, torso, left bicep, right bicep, etc ) I have 14 items, so the scroll bar is visible. Head is at the bottom Head is at the bottom Drag head to top ( notice you can see the top so you drag at the top of the frame ) Drop the head on the first item. Head disappears. On the Sc
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