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Golem-like sprite


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Hi there,

I'm new in animation and I've started using Spriter few days ago for a project.
The player controls a Golem who can switch from Rock Golem to Fire Golem, Water Golem, etc...

For now, I have worked on the Rock Golem and I've come up with an Idle animation that I find quite ok, but I'm eager to progress and if you have any advice, I'll listen to them gratefully. :)


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Thanks for the welcome !

That's nice of you. I'm currently working on the walking animation, but damn, I don't get it right. It looks ok, but not good.
I have some issues with the movement of the head and more serious, it lacks of personnality.
So, it's still a wip :

And some trees that I will probably animate when the player hits them, but nothing done yet.



Update :
I've worked on that walkcycle today and the result is far better. He looks heavier and that's what I wanted. :)
I had some difficulties with the timeline. When I animated the legs, the arms and the torso, I wanted to add some delay to the head, so I moved the keyframes of the head... and it did nothing. I had to create a new keyframe, to move the sprite of the head and then to delete the previous keyframe... Well, it worked. ^^

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Very cool :D

Dont worry with time you will surpass the difficulties.

The fastest way to add delays is to duplicate frames, so repeat every frame you want a delay on.

Another good trick is to move keyframes from limbs around a bit so that everything is not moving at the same time, this avoids robotic movements. And of course a bit of squash and stretch is never bad.


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I like that last walk. But if I may critique a bit (please don't be offended, just trying to give you another perspective)...

His knees look a bit too bent, like he is squatting while walking. But really only the right leg. It may be because the the left leg looks slightly too small. I mention this because I had a similar problem with my first walking animation. I scaled the far leg too small and didn't see it until I was trying to fix a quirky walk. When I increased the scaling a bit everything fell into place.

Another observation that may help you - if you look at where the thighs are at it full forward and rearward motion - you see the right knee reaches higher than the left when forward. And the right doesn't go as far past vertical as the left when the leg is at full rearward motion. I always compare angles when there is a symmetrical object moving. The left leg should (for the most part) mirror the right leg. Unless a limp is intended. As you can almost see in the left animation you shared above.

Like I said, please don't take offense, especially since I am no professional. He really is looking great!

I love those trees also. Are those your designs? Scenery is one thing I am trying to improve on. And I wish I could draw trees that good. Very nice work!

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