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  1. When you download everything through Steam you end up with the Essentials art pack and any other packs you purchase install in their own folders. You end up with duplicate files of a lot of stuff.
  2. I like that last walk. But if I may critique a bit (please don't be offended, just trying to give you another perspective)... His knees look a bit too bent, like he is squatting while walking. But really only the right leg. It may be because the the left leg looks slightly too small. I mention this because I had a similar problem with my first walking animation. I scaled the far leg too small and didn't see it until I was trying to fix a quirky walk. When I increased the scaling a bit everything fell into place. Another observation that may help you - if you look at where the thighs are at it full forward and rearward motion - you see the right knee reaches higher than the left when forward. And the right doesn't go as far past vertical as the left when the leg is at full rearward motion. I always compare angles when there is a symmetrical object moving. The left leg should (for the most part) mirror the right leg. Unless a limp is intended. As you can almost see in the left animation you shared above. Like I said, please don't take offense, especially since I am no professional. He really is looking great! I love those trees also. Are those your designs? Scenery is one thing I am trying to improve on. And I wish I could draw trees that good. Very nice work!
  3. It's getting closer. I still need to tweak the effects and movement some. I may use this little guy as a boss. I made him while playing around with Adobe Illustrator's 3D effects.
  4. I know it isn't much compared to some of the awesome animations I have seen on here. But this one is turning out pretty good as far as my skills are concerned. But please critique and tell me what needs to be fixed. Be brutal! I still have some tweaking to do, and the main cannon has a large projectile to squueze through that barrel.
  5. I understand that, but I have an object that needs to rotate counter-clockwise. The only thing I have been able to manage so far is setting the initial frame to 180. It then rotates the right direction to the first frame, where it stops and rotates the other way. I just thought as I was typing I guess I could flip all my images =) But how else can you do that if for instance something needed to rotate 360 one way then back the opposite direction? Actually now that I think about it I need to be able to do this.
  6. I have been having trouble getting Spriter to let me enter values into the angle field. I can't enter a negative value at all, and it is only letting me enter one number at times before it stops working. I thought my (wired) keyboard stopped working. But as you can see it works fine in other applications. P have looked to see if any rotation locks are set and they are off.
  7. That second wav was just looping in Construct. But I didn't have it setup the way you do. I followed your Youtube vid I think. But I learned something. So thanks!
  8. Oh I see. I thought that was a leftover layer, and I thought those we only on used layers. I just opened another file and I see what you mean. I am reworking the audio clips. I think one of them ran past the end of the timeline length. It's the one that was looping. If this doesn't work I will send the file to you.
  9. Yesterday I tried importing my first Spriter file into Construct 2. It was my first attempt at using sound files in Spriter also. Everything went great except one of the two sound files loops when it should only play once. I am a beginner with both Spriter and Construct 2. So I probably did something wrong, but I couldn't figure out what the problem is. So I today I decided to give it another look. I decided to try using different sound files. So I deleted the two sound files. But the level the sound file causing problem was on stayed there. I noticed there were two very thin, vertical black lines in the frames of that level. I had played around with adding tags. Is that what those were? I was able to select those black lines and delete them. But the meta data and tags markers are still there and I can't delete this level. Is there a way to copy the animation to a new file?
  10. Ahh, I was clicking on the item. Yup, that works Don't consider the following to be a rant - but ,maybe a suggestion for future releases. In my defense - all of the CAD/CAM and 3D software I have used in the past 25 years have had different right-click menus depending on whether you are over an object or the canvas. Photoshop and Illustrator and many other programs are that way as well. So it seemed natural to me to be "on" the item since. Thanks!
  11. Ok, I saved the file, and closed Spriter. When I opened it back up the right-click menu was there. But the sprite was already unlocked. Probably from my futile attempt to click the lock/unlock button above the project window. Has anybody else seen this?
  12. Why is there not a right-click to unlock it? Hint hint.
  13. I placed an image on the first key frame and locked it until I got some other work done. I right-clicked it and locked a single sprite. I have been searching for an hour for a way to unlock it. If I type "unlock" in the help file not a single thing is found. Please help. Thanks
  14. Sorry, I am on Windows 7 Pro. It has done these same things since the last version as well in case that matters. I will try closing the folder and see what happens, but I think I tried that. I will keep you posted. Oh, I usually have Illustrator, Photoshop, Construct 2, and Spriter going. I never get a set of images to Spriter without realizing I have to go all the way back to Illustrator at least a dozen times
  15. That is very cool. Got any other artwork to share?
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