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Questions about RPG Heroes Pack

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H team.

First, I love the RPG Heroes Pack, thanks a ton for making something like this.  I hope you decide to make a second one with fight animations with these kind of sprites (or more clothes, props, beards, armors... animals! beasts :D ), I'll buy right away :)

I've a question-- well, a few, really, about how the pack works.

1) I load the Male_128 project  and modify it to have a different toon. I save the project with a different name. Next time I open the project, all the customization is lost! What am I doing wrong, please? Is this intended?

2) While testing the animation and such sometimes I need to modify the Z order of the layers. Sometimes when I click on certain parts the drawing just disappears-- screen where the animation is turns black, or it just zooms in/out completely.  Again, what am I doing wrong?

3) The last one is Spriter generic, I think, I've been reading the docs, and it seems for using bones you can copy what a change you did in one of the key frames looks in the others, but I've not been able to replicate the same using the parts. So for instance, I want my character to scold and the only way I've been able to do it is by going to all the key frames and modifying the part myself.  Is there a clever way to do this? Also, would it work if I add a new part? Can I copy it to the other frames, and then create a character map to swap it out?   Thanks and sorry if this has been explained before, but I've not been able to find it.

Thanks again and great job. BTW thanks for explaining also pixel concepts on your videos! Is super useful!


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Hi Rosqui..

1) You need to save a character file, not the project. A character file is a file that saves the character map configurations that make your specific character. These character files can then be reloaded to restore that specific character and can be reloaded into the smaller sized versions of the art pack if you need to export the smaller sprite versions of the character as well.

2) Why do you need to adjust z-order and how are you doing it? To what animations? What you are describing sounds like potential bugs, but no one else is reporting them ,so we need much more thorough info or a screen recording of the issue happening so we can figure out the cause.  The screen turning black makes me worry your system is running out of visual memory... if this is the case, one potential hack to get around this limit is to work from a copy of the art pack where you've deleted as many of the images from the project folder as possible which you know you're not going to use for the character you wish to create.... especially the very large portrait images.

3) What you're after has nothing to do with character maps... you'd need to first make sure the characters bones are in all key frames and all the proper sprites are assigned to the proper bones on all key frames.  The proper steps would be to copy the first frame of what you need into a new blank animation at the beginning of the time-line, then create and link the bones to rig the character, then create your animation... however, with animations like this that generally use such few frames, its typically better to hand edit each frame without bones and set each keyframe to instant speed curve.



-Mike at BrasghMonkey

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HI Mike

Thanks a lot for the detailed answer!!  I had watched the video before asking, but somehow I did not  register the information on saving, sorry -_-. Thanks for pointing it out, it is been very useful :)

For the screen issues, it is a bit strange. I've taken some screenshots, but the forum doesn't let me attach them? It doesn't matter how small I make them : /  I can send them to you via email, if you like. Also I got the program crashing on that circumstance as well, does it leave some corefile that you may need? I'm happy to send you stuff :)  I am painting my own hair, and things like noses. So to modify the Z order I just grab the layer I want and move it down to the place I want it to be.

I will have a try removing the large portraits, since I don't really use them, and see if the problem still reproduces. It is not the whole screen turning black, just the  working area in spriter. And not just black, sometimes it is brown, grey, green, red... Sometimes there are a couple of colours. Even the coordinates disappear.  Moving the zoom usually fixes it, until I click again on one of the layers.  I've been able to repro it several times in a row by opening a project, then opening a character map, then clicking in the one of the wing layers.


For 3) I have no bones. I'm just playing with the character you built for the pack.  So far, I'm touching all frames one by one when I want to add something new using the positioning window as a guide to get them to look the same across the animation. 

By the way, I would like my sprites to have smaller legs for dwarves, longer for elves and so on,  what would be the best way to modify what is already in the pack?  Should I modify the actual drawings outside the program and then do character maps in base to them?  Photoshop has a feature to repeat transformations, but I'm not sure Spriter has something similar...

Sorry I ask so many questions!


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The only way to get very nice results with shrinking the limbs to make dwarves would be to edit all the limb images you need to use in a pixel art program like pro-motion (www.cosmigo.com) ... no batch shrinking system would give you very nice results. Also, be sure to edit and save them in indexed color mode so the palettes don't get ruined.. if you edit and save the images as full color images they will no longer work with the palette swapping feature in Spriter.

-Mike at BrashMonkey

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Sorry, somehow I totally missed the fact you were mentioning screen related bugs. Best thing to do is record your screen with these errors happening and then post a link to that video.

Also, please let us know what OS and general hardware specs you're working with.


For now also try : view-disable OpenGL in Spriter's menu to disable open GL and then restart Spriter and see if that resolves the screen issues.


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