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  1. Hi Mike I can see the size of several of my files is strange indeed. One of the toon's maps is 10Ks in size, when they're usually 1.2K or something. The original project file seems to have around 15K lines, so "just" 1.5K lines from the 16.5K lines of the one I'm working with. I've noticed it has reduced size and lines to 14.K last time I used it. I guess because I deleted some of the animations. I was not very sure where to send you the files, so I send them to mail@brashmonkey.com. Thanks!
  2. Hi Mike Sorry for the late reply, I thought I'd get an email when someone answered. Silly me, didn't see the tick at the bottom to get a notification. I use Windows 10 home, latests patch. I've not compared the files, will do later on today and post back. I don't have version control as such, but have some copies of the files for the older versions. I'll start doing more versions now! Happy to send the files, in case there is anything we can do. Will keep you posted. Thanks!
  3. Hi Mike For some reason, spriter is taking 5+ minutes to save the project and/or the character maps. Sometimes I just give up and close it forcefully : / I've noticed two other behaviours that used to be fast and now have slowed down a lot: one, changing the colour palette, which also seems to hang for a while, and two, loading a character map. I've 5 animations modified from the original 128x128 heroes pack project --but instead of having them as they come (one for up, one for down, one for left and one for right) I've one for walk, one for idle, one for idle-blink, and one for activate. I've noticed this behaviour recently (actually, since I put together the activate animation couple of days back.). I've deleted all the other animations in the hopes it would help, but no luck. Also had a look at my objects-- noticed I had done some copy-paste wrong and had several duplicated objects, so deleted them all and copied in a way they're always the same instance. It didn't help either. My laptop has 16GB ram, and this is what Spriter is taking -- so I'm hoping it's not running out of memory. Or is it? Is there a way of making it get more memory for itself (I can do that with Photoshop). Spriter version is Pro R11 (steam). The character maps seem to have around 22.000 lines now, and the project file 16.500 lines. I think I've added like 3 or 4 objects additionally to what was in the character pack originally, not sure if these amount is normal or something's wrong with my files somehow. Is there any recommendation project-wise? Maybe there's too many objects? Or too many... somethings? I can share my files if it helps. Thanks!
  4. Thanks Mike, I'll try that. If you want any screenshot or anything for the issue I described, let me know and I'll try to get it for you.
  5. HI Mike Thanks a lot for the detailed answer!! I had watched the video before asking, but somehow I did not register the information on saving, sorry -_-. Thanks for pointing it out, it is been very useful For the screen issues, it is a bit strange. I've taken some screenshots, but the forum doesn't let me attach them? It doesn't matter how small I make them : / I can send them to you via email, if you like. Also I got the program crashing on that circumstance as well, does it leave some corefile that you may need? I'm happy to send you stuff I am painting my own hair, and things like noses. So to modify the Z order I just grab the layer I want and move it down to the place I want it to be. I will have a try removing the large portraits, since I don't really use them, and see if the problem still reproduces. It is not the whole screen turning black, just the working area in spriter. And not just black, sometimes it is brown, grey, green, red... Sometimes there are a couple of colours. Even the coordinates disappear. Moving the zoom usually fixes it, until I click again on one of the layers. I've been able to repro it several times in a row by opening a project, then opening a character map, then clicking in the one of the wing layers. For 3) I have no bones. I'm just playing with the character you built for the pack. So far, I'm touching all frames one by one when I want to add something new using the positioning window as a guide to get them to look the same across the animation. By the way, I would like my sprites to have smaller legs for dwarves, longer for elves and so on, what would be the best way to modify what is already in the pack? Should I modify the actual drawings outside the program and then do character maps in base to them? Photoshop has a feature to repeat transformations, but I'm not sure Spriter has something similar... Sorry I ask so many questions! Rosq
  6. H team. First, I love the RPG Heroes Pack, thanks a ton for making something like this. I hope you decide to make a second one with fight animations with these kind of sprites (or more clothes, props, beards, armors... animals! beasts ), I'll buy right away I've a question-- well, a few, really, about how the pack works. 1) I load the Male_128 project and modify it to have a different toon. I save the project with a different name. Next time I open the project, all the customization is lost! What am I doing wrong, please? Is this intended? 2) While testing the animation and such sometimes I need to modify the Z order of the layers. Sometimes when I click on certain parts the drawing just disappears-- screen where the animation is turns black, or it just zooms in/out completely. Again, what am I doing wrong? 3) The last one is Spriter generic, I think, I've been reading the docs, and it seems for using bones you can copy what a change you did in one of the key frames looks in the others, but I've not been able to replicate the same using the parts. So for instance, I want my character to scold and the only way I've been able to do it is by going to all the key frames and modifying the part myself. Is there a clever way to do this? Also, would it work if I add a new part? Can I copy it to the other frames, and then create a character map to swap it out? Thanks and sorry if this has been explained before, but I've not been able to find it. Thanks again and great job. BTW thanks for explaining also pixel concepts on your videos! Is super useful!
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