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Jump the Shark


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Created a character for a Sonic-like game: Jump the Shark.

Here he is as pixel art with NES-like constraints (3 colors).  Sorry about the bad color contrast, but I'm not fixing this one at this time because it's only here as an intro.


And now, Clawburr, an enemy for Jump. This was my first attempt with Spriter.

Clawburr walk.gif

Clawburr exists to test Jump's ability to jump in a timely fashion, as running into him is clearly a painful proposition. I also think he serves as a demonstration of how a little squetch (squash and stretch) can counteract the 'paper cut-out' feel of a Spriter animation.

Speaking of squetch, here's the goomba equivalent of Jump's world: a sea-slug named Lug.

Lug Slibber.gif


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I didnt see this post. Very good animations... keep up the good work.

Squash and stretch, anticipation and overlap,(follow with delay) are some of the most important key points in animation, for me at least I try to include those when possible. The rest (timing, Arcs, Easing, etc) can be done later, Imho.

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