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Image Swapping?


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Hi Guys,

I am looking for some help on the best way to swap out images in an existing animation.

Basically, I have my character all rigged and animated but the images are very big in scale. Today I got round to getting them the correct sizes in Illustrator and I exported them into my Spriter project folder and now I am looking to replace the current images with the new images that I have exported at the correct size without having to rig and animate my character again.

Here is a screen grab to better explain my problem:


I know about 'Char Maps' but I don't fully understand their functionality and I'm not sure if using them is the right thing to do, I'm still learning Spriter :D

Before someone suggests it I am going to say, I know I can just scale my current images down but the ones I have exported are the exact size I need them to be and I'm very precise with things, could be my OCD :P

Knowing how to do this would also help me with other basic things like lip syncing and facial expressions etc. Right now my work is very linear and I don't need anything complicated but it's nice to know how it works and how to do it just for the future :)



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Even better, figure out the scale difference between the old images and the new images, then choose "other file actions/Save as Resized project (and images)"  from Spriter's menu and choose the new scale, and folder location for your rescaled clone of the entire project.  Finally, once its done creating your clone of the entire Spriter project, (folders with resized images and all) then replace the auto-rescaled images with your new, hand redone images.


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