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Mesh deformation / FFD - update please?

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I am considering using Spriter for my next project (I enjoyed using it on Umbra, especially with its construct 2 plugin and implementation).  I was wondering if anyone might be able to provide an update as to when we might expect FFD to become fully implemented?  I understand that this may not be finalized, but would you say it's a matter of days / weeks / months / other?


Thanks for continuing to support a great product!

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Sorry, unfortunately, we've learned from our past mistakes that giving time-estimates is always a bad idea. We can say it's a top priority for new big features, but there are several pressing things we must do first and all of them will take an undetermined amount of time, so any estimate would be a very vague guess.

The best I can say that might be useful to you is the deforming feature  is still at the very least several months away, so if you need to create your next project soon AND you really want/need to use deforming (beyond horizontal or vertical stretching) then you'll have to look for alternative solutions.  Of course we wish this was not the case, and are doing everything we can to catch up from our delays and are dedicated to continue to improve Spriter as much and as soon as possible.

Sorry we can't be more specific or accurate.

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Hi, I thought I'd bump the topic instead of creating a new one as it is related to Mesh Deformation. I know it's still months away and you want to respect the first rule of Not-Hyping which is "DON'T GIVE DATES" haha but maybe you could do something similar to what you did with the Reference Implementation Thread, that is giving a broad percentage of completion. You opened a bit of your development process and that was nice.

Now I know creating a thread is taking time away from active development but it would give users a good idea of what's been done and what still needs to be done, while at the same time not giving a date. So no pressure hehe.

Anyway, just remember you're doing an awesome job and Spriter is a wonderful piece of software.



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