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  1. Hi, I don't know if it's of any help but while making the older Spriter2Unity work with 2DToolkit I ran into a similar problem. In one animation, a helmet would appear normally at the beginning but then all of a sudden it would have its z-order changed. For no apparent reason. I had a look a the files and the problem lay in Z_SPACING ( = 0.1f). PrefabUtils.cs public const float Z_SPACING = 0.1f; [...] localPosition.z = ((ObjectRef)childRef).ZIndex * -Z_SPACING; I thought it had to do with a precision issue kinda thing. Like when the animation is playing the float goes a tad bit crazy so instead of displaying a z-order of 0.23 it outputs 0.22(9) and it stays like that. So I multiplied it by 10. And my problem disappeared. Now, I haven't had a look at Dengar's version, I'm planning on doing so, but the bit of code that looks similar to bonus' code is this: ScmlSupport.cs [XmlAttribute] public float z_index { get { return z; } set { z = value * -0.001f; } } Where -0.001f is bonus' Z_SPACING, I guess? Would it fix it if instead of -0.001f it were -0.1f? I'm probably talking nonsense here and it may not be related AT ALL, but your problem looked very similar to mine so here I am, sharing my line of thought. Hope you find an answer to your problem.
  2. En vez de nan, pon 0 y dime que tal.
  3. Exactly, as stated by Mike, Unity already has a built-in sprite packer solution. Import your animation folder within your project. Select ALL the PNGs your animation is using. In the Inspector, give them a "Packing Tag" (ie Player01), hit "Apply". Then click on "Window>Sprite Packer". Hit "Pack". Done. Tell me if that worked PS: Make sure your PNGs are set as Sprites and not Textures.
  4. Hi, I thought I'd bump the topic instead of creating a new one as it is related to Mesh Deformation. I know it's still months away and you want to respect the first rule of Not-Hyping which is "DON'T GIVE DATES" haha but maybe you could do something similar to what you did with the Reference Implementation Thread, that is giving a broad percentage of completion. You opened a bit of your development process and that was nice. Now I know creating a thread is taking time away from active development but it would give users a good idea of what's been done and what still needs to be done, while at the same time not giving a date. So no pressure hehe. Anyway, just remember you're doing an awesome job and Spriter is a wonderful piece of software.
  5. Hi, I hope this is the right topic. Last year, in March, I made some changes to Spriter2Unity (not Dengar's implementation, but bonus2113's) to make it work with 2DToolkit. However, a few months later, I decided to put my project on hold. I've just resumed (yeah, I'm a lazy guy, I'm usually super motivated for two months and then BAM - it's gone) and I would like to know if somebody is already working on a 2DTK plugin for your implementation? If not, and if I can understand how your implementation works (I haven't looked at it yet), I may try to do it myself. That would help me dust off my poor programming skills. A lot has happened since I left and I'm happy to see the Spriter Team has successfully released its Reference Implementation. Keep up the good work guys!
  6. Smart decision. It must have been a hard one to make though. ;)
  7. Damn, only a few months after I decide to implement 2DToolkit to Spriter2Unity, you decide to release your own implementation Dengar. xD For Sprite Swapping with 2DToolkit, I had gone for a similar approach to that of the SortingOrderUpdate script. I'll try and have a look at your implementation, see if I can make it work with 2DTK. PS: Keep up the good work, you're indeed a very kind community member.
  8. Very nice topic, thanks for creating it.
  9. Who would want to use JPGs anyway? Haha, but still, it would have been cool to have them as PNGs, so that somebody who wanted to try the feature could do it rather quickly.
  10. I got it to work by implementing var_defs inside Spriter2Unity (but not the <meta> tag). It's not complete but for the moment it allows me to assign a SpriteCollection directly inside Spriter...It'd be cool if you could update your reference doc as well, I think that would make it easier to implement the various Spriter features. Ok I'll stop bothering you now with my posts haha. Thanks for reading.
  11. It's not a proper "bug", but I didn't want to open a new topic for that. Currently, the images provided here for Papagayo can be downloaded as JPGs. The thing is that I didn't manage to get the feature to work under that format. I had to save them as PNGs. I don't know if it only works with PNGs or if I did something wrong but maybe someone will run into the same problem.
  12. Hi there! I've recently started learning Unity and C# and I'm using Spriter2Unity, which is a great importer. I've modified it a little bit to make it work with 2D Toolkit. I've mostly looked here and there, and tried to modify and adapt pieces of code. I'm sure it's poorly coded but hey, I've managed to get everything to work quite well so I guess it's all right haha. Here is a screenshot. (2 SpriteCollections: Ninja-Skeleton/Player_sword-blob.) Anyway, straight to the feature: everytime I want to assign a SpriteCollection to an entity, I have to manually open the scml and change the entity tag like so: <entity id="0" name="entity1" Tk2dSpriteCollection="GoodGuys"> Then Spriter2Unity recognizes the element and assigns the correct SpriteCollection. However, every time I update my animations, this little addition disappears, obviously. -> Would it be possible to add a custom element to an entity? Like right-click on the entity and have "Add Custom Tag" or something. I don't know if I'm expressing myself properly. It's not an important feature at all, but I thought that being able to add our own tags could be a good idea. But I'm probably just being stupid, as I have little knowledge of programming. Thanks for reading! EDIT: Ok I've just read the online manual and I'm going to use variables. Sorry for that!
  13. Damn I'm stupid, I had forgotten about this simple shortcut. I hadn't used the software in a long time, I'm such a newb'. Thanks Mike.
  14. Hi there! I don't know if it's been reported or not but whenever I try to attach sprites to bones in the "Hierarchy" tab, I'll often find that some sprites and/or bones disappear from the tab. I have to save, close Spriter and open it again to have them reappear. It happens quite often and it's become slightly frustrating. ^^ OS: Windows 8.1. Other than that, congrats on creating a neat software.
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