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Modifying several curves issue, and children taking keys issue


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Hello !


This software is amazing and I hope this will help to improve it even more :


I have actually posted already these two issues and updated them with videos and pictures to show what are the problems and how it could be solved. These two issues are time consuming for the artist and by fixing it, it would greatly improve their productivity.


These issues have been noticed also in the last version of Spriter, release 1.

The first one is about the curves of the bones's keys that we can't modify several of them in one shot : http://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3370-modifying-several-curves/


The second one is about the children that takes keys of their parents where they shouldn't : http://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3482-autokey/


Thank you very much, sorry for repeating but I think my posts might have been forgotten.



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Thanks for the suggestions.   The children taking the keys is a bug which I will fix as soon as I can.  The first is a feature we'll be working on soon as well.   I experienced the multiple curves thing firsthand while working on the new trailer.  I have a few ideas that will make it as quick as possible to reuse curve data in a variety of situations and workflows.

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