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Spriter B8 Release! Now featuring Pixel Art Mode!(4/26/2014)


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Hi everyone,

We're pleased to announce the release of Spriter version b8.

Download it here.

Aside from some bug fixes and several general improvements mentioned in the change log below, there are a couple new features and enhancements I'd like to highlight:

1) Pixel art mode! Spriter now offers a new mode setting, which removes all image filtering and disallows sub-pixel coordinates for image placement and tweening. These two factors, combined with improved ease of selection and use of Spriters transform gizmos, especially while working with very small images, means Spriter now offers a fast, fluid and efficient way for you to animate actual pixel art without loosing the pixel perfect aspect of your images. We're very pleased to make Spriter drastically more useful to the pixel art community and everyone who loves pixels as much as we do.

2) Load in sequential images into an animation: For those who might want to create sequential image animations in other programs ( such as with 3d programs), render them out, and then add them to a Spriter file for the sake of creating the timing of the animations, adding collision rectangles, sound effect triggers etc, there is now an automated feature to import sequential images into an animation. Just put your sequential animation frame images into one of the image folders in your Spriter project, multi-select the images in the file palette in Spriter, then right click and choose “import selected images as new object” and a new dialogue will appear, allowing you to designate the starting time and ending time. Set those parameters how you'd like, then drag the image of the first frame it provides onto the canvas to set its position how you'd like.

3) Export to PNG as strips or sheets! Spriter can now export sprite strips and sprite sheets by designating the number of horizontal vs vertical frames while exporting as a sprite strip or sheet. Even better, as of this version Spriter trims based on the transparent pixels of the frames, instead of the bounding box of the images used to create each frame.


4) Second view window. By turning on the “second view window” (found under 'Window' menu), you will have a new window which you can set to specific zoom levels so that you can work at one level of zoom, but check how your work looks in another level of zoom. For example, you can work zoomed out or in as the need arises in the canvas, but also see your animation at a 1 to 1 ratio in the second view window at all times.

5) Auto check for updates! Now, unless you don't want it to, Spriter will let you know when there is a new version of Spriter and provide you with a link to the download page for the new version. Update notifications show you the changelog before you download.


In the video at the end of this post Mike explains the new features in greater detail.

We'd also like to announce that aside from fixing any issues that users may find in this new build, we're switching focus to completing thorough documentation explaining Spriter's data format to help enable developers to finish their Spriter implementations for their respective authoring systems of choice. We'll release another update post when the documentation is finished, and then get back to adding the remaining features for the initial release of Spriter 1.0.

As always, thanks so much for your greatly valued feedback and support.

Full Changelog:

Additions and Enhancements

    [*:1gq29z1n]Added Pixel Art Mode! A pixel artist friendly mode available in the new 'Mode' menu.
    [*:1gq29z1n]Added the ability to import sequential images as sprite frames.
    [*:1gq29z1n]Added the ability to turn off Smooth Sampling (in the 'Mode' menu), which will display animations unfiltered.
    [*:1gq29z1n]Expanded Export to PNG option to enable export to sprite sheets and sprite strips.
    [*:1gq29z1n]All Export to PNG options now use the editor's filtering mode for export.
    [*:1gq29z1n]Added a new widget - the 'Second View' window available from the 'Windows' menu.
    [*:1gq29z1n]Added the option to automatically check for new updates
    [*:1gq29z1n]Export to PNG trimming options now trim to sprites with pixel precision rather than bounding box precision
    [*:1gq29z1n]Z-Order widget now lines up the names of each sprite for easier reading

Bug Fixes

    [*:1gq29z1n]Fixed a Mac specific bug where on certain Macs the main canvas appeared glitchy and jumbled when OpenGL was enabled.
    [*:1gq29z1n]Fixed Export to PNG bug where one extra image was exported in certain instances.
    [*:1gq29z1n]Fixed a bug that made it difficult to grab sprites attached to bones when working with small art
    [*:1gq29z1n]Fixed a bug that caused small ui elements to show up in exported PNGs under certain circumstances
    [*:1gq29z1n]Fixed a bug in the Z-Order window where z-order changes weren't always updated instantly in the main canvas
    [*:1gq29z1n]Fixed a crash that occured in certain situations after creating a new entity and starting to edit it

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Looking great! Thanks for your hard work, fellas! Do you have any idea when sound will be implemented for Spriter in C2? Thanks, Morgan.

It's implemented in the plugin. Once Ashley implements things C2-side it will be ready.

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