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Spriter B3 Release!


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Time for another Spriter release!

As always until 1.0, this is a beta, keep backups of your current version, save often, and report bugs to our forums.

Spriter B3 fixes some issues and bugs with copy/paste, but we also went ahead and overhauled the copy/paste/clone/delete system to be more powerful within the context of Spriter's flexible workflow. As stated on the forum, this release will be the exception to the 'one new pro feature per release' rule, as we wanted to release this as soon as copy/paste was in a more useable state, but we have already begun on the upcoming pro features for B4.


    [*:hgn59vrh]Several optimizations in several different areas of the program
    [*:hgn59vrh]Numerous bug fixes with copy/paste/delete/clone/reparent
    [*:hgn59vrh]Copy/Paste now overwrites the position/angle/etc of existing objects instead of cloning them, so you can copy body part positions and overwrite the positions of objects on another frame. If the object doesn't exist it will be created. Copy/Pasting retains the relative parenting and zorder relationships of the objects
    [*:hgn59vrh]Added ability to paste to all frames (hold shift while pasting). If the objects are parented on the copied frame, they will paste relative to the parents on the other frames. i.e. if you add a hat on one frame to a moving head bone, and paste to all keys, the hat will be correct relative to the head
    [*:hgn59vrh]Added ability to delete from all frames (hold shift while deleting)
    [*:hgn59vrh]Added ability to reparent on all frames (hold shift while reparenting)
    [*:hgn59vrh]Added ability to copy an entire frame, even if tweened between keyframes (hold shift with Copy shortcut)
    [*:hgn59vrh]Added ability to clone selected objects by holding Ctrl while you begin altering an object or group of objects. The clones will retain relative parenting and z order to one another, and will be parented to the original parents if they were not cloned. You can create a clone by holding control when you begin to drag, rotate, resize, or apply ik.
    [*:hgn59vrh]Added shortcut 'Z' to select all descendent sprites and bones of the current selection, i.e. select shoulder bone, tap Z, and it will selected the upperarm bone, and forearm bone, and all sprites for all three bones.
    [*:hgn59vrh]Updated the timeline to make it more streamlined and useful : click the image to view full size:
    [*:hgn59vrh]Timeline now displays playback speed, animation name, current time, and animation length as buttons that can be clicked to change them.
    [*:hgn59vrh]Larger transport controls on timeline.
    [*:hgn59vrh]New 'Key Selected' and 'Key All' buttons on timeline widget to create keys without making changes.
    [*:hgn59vrh]Spriter will now automatically detect and correct several file inconsistencies that could occur from previous bugs or from scml generated outside of Spriter.
    [*:hgn59vrh]Objects now transform from their pivot point instead of their opposite edge when resizing. Hold Alt while resizing to resize from the opposite edge.
    [*:hgn59vrh]You can now disable OpenGL rendering in the view menu if you are having display issues

There will be videos coming soon to explain these new features and enhancements better than text can.

Thank you again everyone for your patience, and I hope you're all enjoying using Spriter as much as we're enjoy making it.

Download Spriter B3 here

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