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Spriter Beta estimated release date: Sunday - March 24th


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Hello again everyone,

Just wanted to announce a release date for the upcoming beta. As the thread title says, it's scheduled for March 24th. I know it's not quite as soon as some of you would like, but there's a few loose ends that should be tied up before release, and this gives us an extra week to work on these, and anything else the private testers find before then.

We're determined to keep this release date, regardless of unresolved issues from the private testing, and any remaining missing features, as it's reaching a point of stability where it's far more useable than the previous build, and the limited size of the testing group inevitably limits the speed at which all bugs can be found. So rest assured of the release date, and remember it's not quite 1.0 yet, and this upcoming release will still be limited to the free feature set. The first pro version along with your pro serial numbers should arrive in April.

We look forward to finally giving you this long overdue release. Thanks again everyone for your patience.

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Now that beta closes in, I just wanted to offer my encouragement with your massive workload. I will be using Spriter with my game project (which I haven't posted here yet) and I can't wait for beta version of this magnificent tool. Keep going guys! But remember to eat and exercise too =), crunch ain't worth dying, no matter what are the deadlines.

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