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  1. Wow! The performance in Mac (I have a Mac-Mini) is really really better, now I can actually work with it, (I used to work in a PC/Win when using Spriter). Really happy now, congrats!
  2. Are plans or a roadmap for some official implementations (for engines like Unity, Cocos2d, etc)? Or we should wait for somebody to do that? (or do it ourselves, but in my case I'm not sure if I can, hehe)
  3. this is looking really good...
  4. I second this request, we have posponed a project with Spriter and now we are using Spine; because stability and runtimes. But I'm still waiting for Spriter because I think it will be a very very useful tool for us.
  5. Hi, I'm using the daily builds. Everything is fine, I was a little confused. The miliseconds timeline is kinda different to what I'm familiarized (I work mostly with Frame based timelines). Anyway, thanks for your reply, :)
  6. Hi!, I have a doubt, what is the actual frame-rate in Spriter, is there a way to change that?
  7. Any news on the Beta? I have a doubt, I've pre-order Spriter (I didn't knew about kickstarter); am I able to download the beta? Or I have to wait until de 1.0 release? Thanks a lot!
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