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Subfolder character eater bug


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I think I found a bug that is a little but critical for me: the inability to use more than one level sub folders when creating an Spriter file. Another thing that is not clear if when the app saves absolute paths or relative ones.


Title: Subfolder character eater

Description: When using spriter files that have more than one level subfolders all the files beyond they'll lose a character in their file names when loading.

OS: Windows and OSX

Version: Spriter a4.1

How to reproduce:

1. Create an spriter file that uses graphics that are at least two levels deep in sub folders

2. Save the project in the root of the graphics

3. Close Spriter

4. Open the scml file, all the files should be properly named

5. Open Spriter, load the project

Expected result: The animation is loaded perfectly and the sprites appear on the screen.

Result: All the graphics that are beyond level 2 of subfolders will have one character missing per level. i.e. "table_01/gfx/symbols/tp_symbols/symbol_08.png" will appear as "bol_08.png". As a result no images were loaded in my test. See image attached.


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