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  1. xamar

    spriter beta

    Agree. I'm sorry for the tone of the previous message. I wish you a good recovery and I'll continue monitoring new Spriter releases. As a tip, the guys of Spine have a Trello board that makes peeking at what is being done and what is still to do. It would be nice to have a similar one for Spriter so we'll be able to track our 'key' features we need to start using a new version. The people can even vote to prioritize a feature. As an example you can take a look to theirs at https://trello.com/board/spine-editor/5 ... 521c0059d9 Kind regards, Pablo
  2. xamar

    spriter beta

    That's a shame, lucid, precision entry is such a basic and important feature. I just can't think about anything more essential than that. I don't care about bones, onion skin or the overall look of the app as long as it is usable. How are you supposed to align objects? Putting a ruler on top of your screen? For us, this is a complete deal breaker, we can't wait for the next 'few versions' :(
  3. xamar

    spriter beta

    It is really nice and a lot faster. However I'm missing the 'precision entry', the textboxes that allowed us to change the values with the keyboard in the Z-order view. Is is not present on this release or is there a shortcut to show it? Thanks!
  4. xamar

    What's left to do

    We all, the ones that preordered (no kickstarters), would love to see those daily builds or, at least, a version more estable than the a4.1 we're stuck in. We decided to take a risk and base all our UI in Spriter by the announcement of an stable version in mid December. I know there's been unexpected problems, we understand that, but we'll greatly appreciate a better treatment due the increased release time. The truth is that we're 2 week off our official release date and we're suffering crashes, broken animations by adding another element, and so on.
  5. It would be great to be able to add graphics that are not in the folder or any subfolder or the spriter file, even if is not on the 'File Palette' but added through a file open popup. That could look in a SCML file like this: We're currently having to do a lot of copy files trickery to overcome this limitation and the bug that makes 2nd level subfolders resources not load properly in current a4... Kind regards, Pablo
  6. xamar

    still alive

    Good to know you're hard on the task :) I know the next version is going to be focused in stability but I would like to ask about the availability of adding meta data to the used entities in the scene. We're using Spriter to compose menus and screens and it'll be hugely useful to be able to add extra information (like a font size and type in a text place holder). Thanks a lot. Kind regards, Xamar
  7. An more stable version would also be very welcomed :) That thing that is most annoying is that using precision entries (using the textbox to put scale/size/location/etc..). crashes the app easily.
  8. I filled a bug report Debugle as suggested here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1557
  9. Hi, I think I found a bug that is a little but critical for me: the inability to use more than one level sub folders when creating an Spriter file. Another thing that is not clear if when the app saves absolute paths or relative ones. Thanks! Title: Subfolder character eater Description: When using spriter files that have more than one level subfolders all the files beyond they'll lose a character in their file names when loading. OS: Windows and OSX Version: Spriter a4.1 How to reproduce: 1. Create an spriter file that uses graphics that are at least two levels deep in sub folders 2. Save the project in the root of the graphics 3. Close Spriter 4. Open the scml file, all the files should be properly named 5. Open Spriter, load the project Expected result: The animation is loaded perfectly and the sprites appear on the screen. Result: All the graphics that are beyond level 2 of subfolders will have one character missing per level. i.e. "table_01/gfx/symbols/tp_symbols/symbol_08.png" will appear as "bol_08.png". As a result no images were loaded in my test. See image attached.
  10. Mmmm... too bad for me. But I paid the preorder, maybe the developer will grant preorders the same benefit. Anyhow the a4 is coming soon.. :)
  11. Exciting!! I can't wait!! I would like to help stabilizing the a4 by testing the daily builds but I couldn't find where to get them in the forum... Cheers
  12. Cheers Morpheo, Is working nicely! I'll send you a pull request to support alpha and scaling (you forgot that). That is about 10 lines of code as pretty much everything is well designed properly :) Thanks again!
  13. It would be great to have AndEngine support (it's for Android games). Great work you're doing here!! :)
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