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Unity 3D Plugin Development

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UPDATE: For anyone finding this thread, Thinksquirrel did a fantastic job of adding support for Unity.

Go here for info: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=534&p=1392


Hey guys, I just wanted to give a heads up on some progress I'm making toward a plugin for Unity.

As of just recently, I managed to get the character imported though not animated just yet.

Here are some screens of it in Unity:



In the future I would also like to have one click generation of a sprite atlas so that I can get the draw calls reduced. All in good time I suppose.

I've only been working on and off on this recently. I hope to have something working soon. I'll post here once I have more.

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Managed to get animations working after some toiling.


Current issues:

-The walk animation seems buggy for some reason (not shown in the sample above) as some parts are moving out of place.

-Still need to make it easier to manage the generated animations as there are two points I have that are hard coded.

-Still need to update to the latest beta of Spriter and update my SCML reader.

-More work needs to be done to improve performace. It's not bad as it is, but can stand to be better especially when developing for mobile devices.

As for how I'm doing it, I'm reading in the spriter file and putting that data into custom classes. Then I generate the geometry and animation clips and execute the drawing updates via an AnimationEvent.

Once I have it cleaned up and fix a few remaining issues I'll look at releasing the source.

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