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Please post bugs here.

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hi haris. the crashlog might be helpful, but also, when you say keeps crashing and you can't do anything, does it just crash as soon as you launch Spriter? Does it crash when you select something?, when you change frames?, when you try to load a project? If you can narrow it down further, there's a much better chance I'll be able to fix it much more quickly.

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Bug present in a4.1 and 10-29 daily

I keep hitting a pretty regular bug tonight. After making more than ~2 dozen or so sprite and bone rotations in the Frame Window across 30 key frames I run the high risk of hitting an unrecoverable error. I will get either the sprites and bones in the area of the last change in a key frame being thrown around randomly upon hitting the Undo button, or if I manually rotate a bone in the Objects In Frame drop down list the bone plus all child items will be warped randomly in x and y scale in that key frame.

Tapping the Undo a few more times in either case will no longer fix things (as the similar issue with a4, but that one was corrected it seems.) It will in fact start corrupting earlier key frames if you keep pressing it until the Frame Window will start walking to the lower right corner on its own with each consecutive Undo press. (Yeah, I let it get to me after the third time... )

Remembering to save after every handful of changes seems to get around it though.

Working with Win XP

Using a character with 24 sprites, 12 bones (in two 3 tiered systems,) and swapping the images for 8 of the sprites with a group of 48 total alternates on a frame by frame basis. 32 Keyframes in the animation.

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wow, that's pretty bad. I'll try to reproduce it here.

The way undo/redo works in Spriter it can't really be something that appears over time. I'm thinking it's either that a certain type of change isn't getting recorded correctly, or maybe not at all. If you happen to notice the change is on the undo history being different than things that undo'd correctly, or that a certain operation isn't getting an entry, that's what I'll be looking for over here.

Once I find what's causing it, it should be a quick fix.

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If it helps I was only rotating the angle of the calves and feet of the character using the Origin Dot leaver or bone Arrow rotation in the Frame window itself. I was selecting the individual sprites and bones in the bone hierarchy with sprites visible.

I was not adding or removing frames, just adjusting things in the run cycle manually to tweak out the puppet look.

The warping thing happened when I tried to adjust the angle of the head bone in two key frames using the Objects In Frame drop down menu for its fine control.

If I get a couple free hours I'll try to document it better and check out its reproducibility. As it is now I don't have much time, but I thought I would throw it out there as it kept occurring even after a few good measure program and computer restarts.

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Hello all, I just wanted to say great job on your spriter tool, it really makes things a lot easier to animate. I have been running in to an issue if I have more then 5 animations in a single scml file that I experience slow down on selecting bones or sprites to the point that it takes seconds for it to select.


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Spriter Start to be very very slow, once puting a bones on a sort of complex character. seems like a memory leak because when closed and reopened its working laggy but ok, but after a while almost impossible to animate, also playing the animation lags really bad. could be awesome if you could improve the performance while rigging and animating

i can provide my file if needed.

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I think has to do something,if chrash one time keep crashing.

what i was doing is if you have many frames and you delete all, and the project goes empty crashes.

also if you create multiple frames together by accident and you start deleting them,crashed also.

once crashed now every time just by opening the spriter keeps crashing when i go to open a project i was woking on while crashed.its like corrupting the project


also some times i try to click on the bone and instead of select creates another frame.so if i try to click the bone couple times, accidentally i have many frames at same position

(on windows doesnt happen but on mac happens)

edit:also if you use undo with shortcut crashes.not always but sometimes

edit: right click works with the touchpad of the macbook but not with the magic mouse

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