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Charmap didn't appear for multiple characters


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Hi there, so I've been trying to append charmap for each character. It works well for one character, but when there are alot of multiple same character, sometimes the append charmap wouldn't working. @Mike at BrashMonkey @lucid

What I do, is just like this : 
+ Touch: On double-tap gesture
----+ System: For each Characters
-----> System: Create object Thunder on layer 0 at (Characters.X, Characters.Y), create hierarchy: False
-----> Characters: Append character map "ThunderBlast"
-----> Characters: Set animation to "ThunderBlast" and play from start with a 0ms blend
-----> Characters: Flash: Flash 0.1 on 0.1 off for 1.0 seconds
-----> System: Wait 2 seconds
-----> Characters: Remove character map "ThunderBlast"
-----> Characters: Set animation to "Idle" and play from start with a 0ms blend


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I'm not positive this will work, but I think this is how Construct logic structure works.. Try moving the action "Characters:append character map" to be the first thing that's done directly after the "for each character".. I think the fact that you create the thunder effects might be making construct forget you want to effect every character... Oterwise, you can add a separate kind of hack fix event "If character animation "ThunderBlast" is playing, then append character map "ThunderBlast"

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