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  1. Hi there, so I've been trying to append charmap for each character. It works well for one character, but when there are alot of multiple same character, sometimes the append charmap wouldn't working. @Mike at BrashMonkey @lucid What I do, is just like this : + Touch: On double-tap gesture ----+ System: For each Characters -----> System: Create object Thunder on layer 0 at (Characters.X, Characters.Y), create hierarchy: False -----> Characters: Append character map "ThunderBlast" -----> Characters: Set animation to "ThunderBlast" and play from start with a 0ms blend -----> Characters: Flash: Flash 0.1 on 0.1 off for 1.0 seconds -----> System: Wait 2 seconds -----> Characters: Remove character map "ThunderBlast" -----> Characters: Set animation to "Idle" and play from start with a 0ms blend
  2. Hi there, why we couldn't use multiple Entity in Construct 3? the objects got doubled even though it's the same resource. I would like to create 2 different entities on the same character. i.e Entity1 (collection of animation without holding a flashlight), Entity2 (collection of the same animation, but withholding a flashlight) I hope you got it. Thank you!
  3. Construct 3 r241 Stable Spriter 2-6-2021b Stable Please have a check
  4. Hello, any update? I'm also have this problem till now..
  5. So, my art designer making each item animation with their own project. Now I've to combine those each projects to my main project. I've already about importing other project to my main project. But, I don't know how to combine them in one animation? Look at this, entity_001 have one animation (baju1), I want it to be combine (copied) to entity_000 (CowokIdle_010 animation) also all its keyframe (baju1 animation). I've tried to copy paste each frame, but it doesnt work.
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