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Construct 3 Plugin - URGENT importing same animation results in duplicate entities.


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(Since the search function didn't work for me I unfortunately had to create a new topic.)

Hi Brashmonkey,

I need urgent help with importing animations into Construct 3. Previously I had a workflow in Construct 2 that would just overwrite the same animation whenever re-imported. Now however, with Construct 3. It will create a duplicate entity every time I import an animation. This is catastrophic (no pun intended, my game is about a cat) xD, because I am completely stuck. I can't remove old entities every time I import. Because along with the animations also comes all the connected events.

I made a quick video about it (without re-takes). I'm not a native speaker, but I think it's quite clear. I use the multiple sprite import approach in a new project. I also showcase my main project, which is very ambitious: http://pixelshade.se/forums/brashmonkey.mp4. I'm quite stuck currently since I can't continue with enemy design, without enemy design I can't really continue level design and I can't do cutscenes or update movement patterns... I have a demo that needs to be sent this year to a potential publishers and investors. Its quite urgent.

I hope you guys could help me out. and of course anybody else having the same issues.

Kind regards

/Dennis - Pixel Shade

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WHen I re-import a new spriter object by dragging in a zip it just creates a duplicate of everything. I am using Spriter r11. Is this not supposed to happen? It would be great if it just overwrote what is there as I many events already set up for the object and like g3nki ; dont want to have to go through and re-assign them each time.


Maybe there is some special process for overwriting?

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No, if you have the latest version of Construct and the spriter plugin, and make sure the spriter file in the zip, and the zip have the exact same name as when you originally imported it, it should replace the original, and not replace the clone. It sounds like you are not using the latest version of the plugin.


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9 minutes ago, simon@pigobo.com said:

I'm using 28/9/2020 which is the latest stable version. Should I be using the beta? 31/10/2020 ??



Good catch. Actually, I think that is necessary becasue Scirra had to update their API in order to fix the re-import issue. Sorry, I thought their latest stale version had that fix by now but I guess not.



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