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Construct 3 runtime is now enabled by default, can we please get an update to the Spriter SCML plugin?

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I know that you Spriter folks seem to care very little for your Construct user-base, to the point of damn near neglect. Even when provided with code fixes and exact line numbers, the Spriter team still refuses to fix basic bugs in the plugin, for seemingly no reason, the excuse always given is Spriter 2, which has yet to materialize in anything other than gifs and youtube previews.

Can we please for once get a timely update to the Spriter SCML plugin so that it works with the latest runtime?
For something that is seemingly an enormous chunk of your users, the team shows an active disdain for maintaining this plugin.

I have honestly in my head given up on Spriter, and the teams lack of care for the Construct side of things, and have begun petitioning other animation suites to take over the Construct space, maybe some competition will get you guys to realize that you're taking your Construct user-base for granted. 

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I wouldn't be so harsh, as I know what it's like working on a product and having to update an old one in the meantime. I also know you guys actually fixed an important C3 bug really quickly in the past couple months. Thanks a lot for that, it was a big deal to me.

But yes, it sounds like the right time to make a C3 runtime version of Spriter. This is basically the only thing which stops me to switch to the C3 runtime, and I really would like to use it. And I'm not the only one in this case, far from it. I'm sure this would be greatly appreciated by the whole Construct community.

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Hi Ashley and team... back and still fond of Spriter, but indeed as well my plugin for C3 from spriter is not working any longer if i use the latest revision, i was not expecting this so soon, it is kind of frutrating... could you please update the plugin before spriter 2 comes up so we can continue to work with spriter? or do we have no chance to have this plugin updated any soon. Have a good day.

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I wouldn't want to pressure the Spriter Team, that's going too far. 

Though, I hope the C3 Runtime version of Spriter Pro releases before https://construct3.ideas.aha.io/ideas/C3-I-76 Construct 3's own timeline feature.
After that, I doubt Spriter 2 releasing will impress anyone much anymore. Especially when the overhead with a native timeline is far more minimal than a 3rd party plugin which is parsed from a JSON. But personally, I'd prefer Spriter.

I'm just crossing my fingers to whom will release first.

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