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  1. Hello Lucid, I follow closely this evolution to spriter 2. I bought spriter pro and some artpack from steam... may I be in the private alpha testing people? have a good day. Bertrand
  2. Sorry, too impatient, i got it loaded... thank you anyway
  3. Hello Mike i just bought the game effect art pack but it does not want to load on steam? I try to write to steam but they say they do nor handle this. Can you help? have a good day.
  4. Hi Ashley and team... back and still fond of Spriter, but indeed as well my plugin for C3 from spriter is not working any longer if i use the latest revision, i was not expecting this so soon, it is kind of frutrating... could you please update the plugin before spriter 2 comes up so we can continue to work with spriter? or do we have no chance to have this plugin updated any soon. Have a good day.
  5. thank you both of you. I have a work around now for construct 3 (not with the latest C3 runtime ?). I have a long run project, working on it as soon as can. I am going to follow the evolution of C3 runtime when it will be stable. I love spriter, i will try to use it as much as i can by exporting png....And for the more complex animation, I will kept them until you update the pluggin for the C3 latest runtime. I know you have a good reactivity.
  6. Thank you Mike. I do appreciate your patience answering every question. I will try this way then. I did not undestoood in the video that added collision rectangle moving with the animation into spriter would be integrated this way into C3. Have a good day.
  7. Hi every one, do i understand right if i say that the plugin works now only for what I could call "global animation" and there is no way to make it work with intependant sprite in C3?. In other word if you refer to the brashmonkey video "Importing Spriter animations into Construct 2", method 2... it does not work? Well, I could not make it work anyway. And I find it essential when building games where the collision box position have to be identified on the animation. Is there anything into the pipe for that? (i may have missed some subject into forum, maybe there are answers somewher
  8. Hello, I am big fan of spriter. I would like to know if you're gone have some new plugin for construct "3". by the way, I am very very impatient to have spriter 2 to test. have a good day!
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