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  1. I wouldn't be so harsh, as I know what it's like working on a product and having to update an old one in the meantime. I also know you guys actually fixed an important C3 bug really quickly in the past couple months. Thanks a lot for that, it was a big deal to me. But yes, it sounds like the right time to make a C3 runtime version of Spriter. This is basically the only thing which stops me to switch to the C3 runtime, and I really would like to use it. And I'm not the only one in this case, far from it. I'm sure this would be greatly appreciated by the whole Construct community.
  2. Hello, I have a problem with Spriter in Construct 3 which I didn't have in C2. If I have two or more SCML objects visible on the same layout, only one object is displayed correctly. The other objects are drawn using the correctly displayed objet's spritesheet instead. Am I doing anything wrong? Thanks in advance for your help!
  3. Hi @Mike at BrashMonkey, @lucid, Could you please update us about the state of release of Spriter for Construct 3? I thought it was working already but the link you've put on this thread died in Scirra's forum changes. Any chance you could give us a working link? I currently didn't manage to find the plug-in anywhere... [EDIT] The link has been updated on the Construct forum, thanks! Also, what is the status of the possibility to apply an effect (in C3) to given parts of a character? For example can I use effects in C3 to change the color of my character's hair if it's done with C3 and Spriter? If it's not available yet, any chance it would work in the future? Thanks a lot!
  4. To keep people updated, it's currently on Ashley's to-do list. You can review the status here : https://github.com/Scirra/Construct-3-bugs/issues/510 It's still open at the moment. :-/
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